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  14.2328, Sum: Language Books for Non-Academics

    1) From:     Katie Haegele <khaegele at>
       Subject:  Linguistics Bedtime Reading lives!

  14.2329, Books: Lexicography: van Sterkenburg (Ed.)

    1) From:     paul at
       Subject:  A Practical Guide to Lexicography: van Sterkenburg (Ed.)

  14.2330, Books: Lang Acquisition: van Hout et al (eds)

    1) From:     paul at
       Subject:  The Lexicon-Syntax Interface in Second Language Acquisition

  14.2331, Books: Generative Linguistics: Boeckx, Grohmann (eds)

    1) From:     paul at
       Subject:  Multiple Wh-Fronting: Boeckx, Grohmann (eds)

  14.2332, Confs: General Linguistics/Austin, USA

    1) From:     rbhatt at
       Subject:  23rd South Asian Languages Analysis

  14.2333, Calls: Computational Ling/Belgium; General Ling/France

    1) From:     bart.decadt at
       Subject:  14th Meeting of Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands
    2) From:     jendraschek at
       Subject:  Journées dEtude TOUlousaines en sciences du langage

  14.2334, Calls: General Ling/Malaysia; Syntax/Semantics

    1) From:     Hazidi <scribe at>
       Subject:  Language and Nationhood: Confronting New Realities
    2) From:     carlo.cecchetto at
       Subject:  Snippets

  14.2335, Calls: Syntax/Semantics/USA; Syntax/Semantics/Finland

    1) From:     zanuttir at
       Subject:  Comparative and Cross-Linguistic Research in Syntax, Semantics & Computational Linguistics
    2) From:     katrinhiietam at
       Subject:  Finnic Arguments

  14.2336, Jobs: Pragmatics: Researchers (2), National U/Ireland

    1) From:     jharper at
       Subject:  Pragmatics: Researchers (2), National University of Ireland Maynooth

  14.2337, Jobs: Korean: Asst Prof, University of Washington

    1) From:     rsalomon at
       Subject:  Korean: Asst Prof, University of Washington, WA, USA

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