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  14.2357, Jobs: Korean: Lecturer, U/of Washington, Seattle

    1) From:     zhandel at
       Subject:  Korean: Lecturer, University of Washington, Seattle

  14.2358, Jobs: Descriptive Ling: Asst Prof, U/of Maryland

    1) From:     marge at
       Subject:  Descriptive Linguistics: Asst Prof, U/of Maryland Baltimore County

  14.2359, Sum: Connotations and Associations

    1) From:     Birgit Mikus <Birgit.Mikus at>
       Subject:  Connotations and associations

  14.2360, Review: NLTK Version 1.1, Call for reviewers

    1) From:     Terry Langendoen <terry at>
       Subject:  Software: CALL FOR REVIEWERS

  14.2361, Calls: Forensic Ling/France; Computational Ling/Poland

    1) From:     valwagnerfr at
       Subject:  International Roundtables for the Semiotics of Law
    2) From:     Adam Przepiorkowski <adamp at>
       Subject:  Computational Linguistics in Poland 2004

  14.2362, Calls: General Ling/France

    1) From:     pierre.busuttil at
       Subject:  Second International Conference on Modality in English

  14.2363, Books: Philosophy of Language: Shiffer

    1) From:     wrightj at
       Subject:  The Things We Mean: Shiffer

  14.2364, Books: Syntax, German/Dutch: Seuren, Kempen (eds)

    1) From:     paul at
       Subject:  Verb Constructions in German and Dutch: Seuren, Kempen (eds)

  14.2365, Books: Sociolinguistics: Tonkin, Reagan (eds)

    1) From:     paul at
       Subject:  Language in the Twenty-First Century: Tonkin, Reagan (eds)

  14.2366, Books: Historical Ling, Middle English: Rabade

    1) From:     LINCOM.EUROPA at
       Subject:  Handbook of Middle English: Rabade

  14.2367, Books: Syntax, Japanese: Pestemer

    1) From:     info at
       Subject:  Japanese Postpositions: Pestemer

  14.2368, Books: Typology/Syntax, Mayan: Ximena, Vapnarsky

    1) From:     LINCOM.EUROPA at
       Subject:  Polyvalence of root classes in Yukatekan Mayan languages

  14.2369, Books: Phonology, Cantonese: Flynn

    1) From:     LINCOM.EUROPA at
       Subject:  Intonation in Cantonese: Flynn

  14.2370, Books: Syntax, Bantu: Idiata, Mba (eds)

    1) From:     LINCOM.EUROPA at
       Subject:  Studies on voice through Verbal extensions: Idiata, Mba (eds)

  14.2371, Books: Phonology, Korean: Yim

    1) From:     LINCOM.EUROPA at
       Subject:  The Intonational Phonology of Direct and Indirect Imperative...

  14.2372, Books: Language Description, Betoi: Zamponi

    1) From:     LINCOM.EUROPA at
       Subject:  Betoi: Zamponi

  14.2373, Books: Language Description, Maipua: Zamponi

    1) From:     LINCOM.EUROPA at
       Subject:  Maipure: Zamponi

  14.2374, TOC: Transactions on Professional Communication

    1) From:     t-orr at
       Subject:  IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, 46/3 (2003)

  14.2375, Books: Lang Desc, Classical Mongolian: Sarzozi

    1) From:     LINCOM.EUROPA at
       Subject:  Classical Mongolian: Sarzozi

  14.2376, Calls: General Ling/Austronesian; Computational Ling

    1) From:     afla11 at
       Subject:  11th Annual Meeting of the Austronesian Formal Linguistics Association
    2) From:     gwc2004 at
       Subject:  GWC2004

  14.2377, Confs: Translation/London, UK

    1) From:     nadamides at
       Subject:  Translating and the Computer 25

  14.2378, FYI: Cognitive Ling

    1) From:     monica gonzalez-marquez <mg246 at>
       Subject:  New ListServ: Empirical Methods in Cognitive Lingu

  14.2379, FYI: Cognitive Ling, Lang Engineering

    1) From:     Suzanne Kemmer <kemmer at>
       Subject:  Int. Cognitive Linguistics Association news
    2) From:     Jason Eisner <jason at>
       Subject:  Call for Proposals: John Hopkins University Summer Workshop

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