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  14.2380, Sum: Language and Music

    1) From:     Energin <energin at>
       Subject:  Language and Music

  14.2381, TOC: J of Communication Disorders, 36/6

    1) From:     j.neden at
       Subject:  Journal of Communication Disorders, Vol 36 No 6 (2003)

  14.2382, TOC: Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics, 17/4

    1) From:     sara at
       Subject:  Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics, Vol 17 No 4 (2003)

  14.2383, Calls: Computational Ling/Seoul, Korea

    1) From:     gelbukh at
       Subject:  CICLing-2004

  14.2384, Sum: Modified Re: 14-2289: Words for "death"

    1) From:     "D. Alan Shewmon" <ashewmon at>
       Subject:  Modified Re: 14-2289: Words for "death"

  14.2385, Calls: Papers in Linguistics; Machine translation

    1) From:     mcarmen at
       Subject:  New Call for Journal
    2) From:     Eric Laporte <Eric.Laporte at>
       Subject:  reminder Call for papers Machnie Translation

  14.2386, Qs: EFL Contextualization Cues/Discourse Markers

    1) From:     Ebru Demirtas <ebrudemirtas at>
       Subject:  contextualisation cues and discourse markers

  14.2387, Jobs: Applied Ling: Rank Open, Penn State University

    1) From:     brp3 at
       Subject:  German & Applied Linguistics: Rank Open, Penn State University

  14.2388, Jobs: Ling & Literature: Asst Prof, Taichung, Taiwan

    1) From:     wangliji at
       Subject:  Ling & Literature: Asst Prof, Taichung, Taiwan

  14.2389, Disc: Iatsko's review: The Language of Language

    1) From:     "Viatcheslav Iatsko" <slavay at>
       Subject:  Disc: Donohue's comments on my review

  14.2390, Sum: Emerging Pronunciation of 'presentation'

    1) From:     Rob Hagiwara <robh at>
       Subject:  emerging pronunciation of 'presentation'

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