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  15.2362, Review: Applied Ling/Cog Sci: McGuinness (2004)

    1) From:     Stacia Levy <callmesal at>
       Subject:  Early Reading Instruction

  15.2363, Sum: Speech Corpus for Neural Network Training

    1) From:     Scott Drellishak <sfd at>
       Subject:  Speech Corpus for Neural Network Training

  15.2364, Media: The Language Feed

    1) From:     Sally  Morrison <smorris2 at>
       Subject:  The Language Feed

  15.2365, TOC: Lingua 114:12 (2004)

    1) From:     j.neden at
       Subject:  Lingua 114:12

  15.2366, Qs: Double Voicing, Discourse; Hungarian Apologies

    1) From:     "Ann Walsh" <Ann.Walsh at>
       Subject:  RE: Bakhtin's concept of "parody"
    2) From:     Fay Wouk <f.wouk at>
       Subject:  Hungarian apologies

  15.2367, TOC: Journal of Communication Disorders 37:6 (2004)

    1) From:     j.neden at
       Subject:  Journal of Communication Disorders 37:6

  15.2368, Software: Demo Versions of Mouton Multimedia Products

    1) From:     "Julia Ulrich" <Julia.Ulrich at>
       Subject:  Free Demo Versions of Mouton Multimedia Products

  15.2369, Books: Semantics/ASL: Liddell

    1) From:     jreid at
       Subject:   Grammar, Gesture, and Meaning in American Sign Language: Liddell

  15.2370, Books: Sociolinguistics: Bauman, Briggs

    1) From:     jreid at
       Subject:  Voices of Modernity: Bauman, Briggs

  15.2371, Diss: Phonetics: Adisasmito-Smith: 'Phonetic...'

    1) From:     adisasmito_smith at
       Subject:  Phonetic and phonological influences of Javanese on Indonesian

  15.2372, Jobs: Applied Ling/ASL:Program Analyst, CA, USA

    1) From:     keith.britton at
       Subject:  Jobs: ASL Interpreter Program Analyst,  CA, USA

  15.2373, Disc: Re: Open-Access Journals/Ling Publishing

    1) From:     "Carsten Otto" <Carsten.Otto at>
       Subject:  Re: 15.2354, Disc: New: Open-Access Journals/Ling Publishing
    2) From:     John Kingston <jkingston at>
       Subject:  Discussion of electronic publishing
    3) From:     Alexander Kravchenko <sashakr at>
       Subject:  Open-Access Journals and Linguistics Publishing

  15.2374, Calls: Lang Acquisition/Germany; General Ling/Hungary

    1) From:     hohenberger at
       Subject:  (In)determinism in Language Acquisition
    2) From:     sandor at
       Subject:  Seeing, Understanding, Learning in the Mobile Age

  15.2375, Review: Disc Analysis/Socioling: Saville-Troike (2003)

    1) From:     Terese Thonus <tthonus at>
       Subject:   The Ethnography of Communication

  15.2376, Confs: General Ling/Kyoto, Japan

    1) From:     bowcher at
       Subject:  International Systemic Functional Congress

  15.2377, Jobs: Amerindian Langs: Rank Open, Ohio State U

    1) From:     joseph.1 at
       Subject:  Jobs: North American Indian Languages: Rank Open, Ohio State U, USA

  15.2378, Jobs: Cognition: Asst Prof, Northeastern University

    1) From:     pearlmutter at
       Subject:  Jobs: Cognition: Asst Prof, Northeastern University, MA, USA

  15.2379, Jobs: Computational Ling: Lexicographer, Yahoo, Inc.

    1) From:     drose at
       Subject:  Jobs: Computational Linguistics: Lexicographer, Yahoo, Inc., CA, USA

  15.2380, Jobs: Computational Ling: Computational Linguist, CA

    1) From:     sp-ling at
       Subject:  Jobs: Spanish & Computational Ling: Computational Linguist, CA

  15.2381, Jobs: Computational Ling: Lexicographer, CA

    1) From:     sp-lex at
       Subject:  Jobs: Spanish & Spanish Lexicographer: Lexicographer, CA

  15.2382, Jobs: Lang Documentation/Description: Post Doc,London

    1) From:     zp2 at
       Subject:  Jobs: Language Documentation and Description: Post Doc, London

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