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  15.2383, Jobs: Computational Ling: Lang Specialist, Belgium

    1) From:     abaeyens at
       Subject:  Jobs: Norwegian/Bokmaal & Computational Ling: Lang Specialist, Belgium

  15.2384, Calls: General Ling/USA; General Ling/Germany

    1) From:     dchampion at
       Subject:  36th Annual Conference on African Linguistics
    2) From:     karimi at
       Subject:  Aspects of Iranian Linguistics

  15.2385, Books: Lang Acquisition/Phonology: Kager et al (Eds)

    1) From:     jreid at
       Subject:  Constraints in Phonological Acquisition: Kager, Pater, Zonneveld (Eds)

  15.2386, Calls: Ling Theories/India; General Ling/Italy

    1) From:     tanmoy at
       Subject:  5th Generative Linguistics in the Old World (GLOW) in Asia
    2) From:     sruhi at
       Subject:  Identity and the Study of Face and (Im)Politeness: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

  15.2387, Review: Socioling/Hist Ling: Deumert & Vandenbussche

    1) From:     Stephan Elspass <s.elspass at>
       Subject:  German Standardizations: Past to Present

  15.2388, Review: Lexicography/History of Ling: Beal (2002)

    1) From:     Kathleen Therese O'Connor-Bater <kto2 at>
       Subject:  English Pronunciation in the Eighteenth Century

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