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  15.2011, Qs: Lateral Fricatives; Conditional Concessives

    1) From:     Aaron Lee <ajl at>
       Subject:  Lateral Fricatives
    2) From:     Hiroaki Tanaka <tanaka at>
       Subject:  Conditional concessives

  15.2012, Qs: Secondary Predicates; Russian Church Slavonic

    1) From:     Toru Ishii <tishii at>
       Subject:  Secondary Predicates in English
    2) From:     Yuri  Koryakov <jirik at>
       Subject:  Church Slavonic currently used

  15.2013, Books: Corpus Linguistics: Santos

    1) From:     E.van.Broekhuizen at
       Subject:  Translation-based corpus studies: Santos

  15.2014, Books: Computational Linguistics: Aijmer et al (Eds)

    1) From:     E.van.Broekhuizen at
       Subject:  Advances in Corpus Linguistics: Aijmer, Altenberg (Eds)

  15.2015, Jobs: Speech Technology: Lecturer, U/Edinburgh

    1) From:     s.renals at
       Subject:  Speech Technology: Lecturer, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

  15.2016, Jobs: Area Open: Asst Prof/Lecturer, Aoyama Gakuin U

    1) From:     tonoike at
       Subject:  Area Open: Asst Prof/Lecturer, Aoyama Gakuin University

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