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  15.2017, Books: Cognitive Science: Croft et al

    1) From:     jreid at
       Subject:  Cognitive Linguistics: Croft, Cruse

  15.2018, Books: Syntax: Radford

    1) From:     jreid at
       Subject:  Minimalist Syntax: Radford

  15.2019, Books: Syntax: Siewierska

    1) From:     jreid at
       Subject:  Person: Siewierska

  15.2020, Books: Phonology: Gussenhoven

    1) From:     jreid at
       Subject:  The Phonology of Tone and Intonation: Gussenhoven

  15.2021, Books: Syntax: Mchombo

    1) From:     jreid at
       Subject:  The Syntax of Chichewa: Mchombo

  15.2022, Confs: General Ling/Sign Languages/Barcelona, Spain

    1) From:     josep.quer at
       Subject:  Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research 8

  15.2023, Calls: Applied Ling/Spain; General Ling/Switzerland

    1) From:     resteve at
       Subject:  2nd International Conference on Internet and Language
    2) From:     ur.shlonsky at
       Subject:  Generative Linguistics in the Old World

  15.2024, Calls: Syntax/Switzerland; Phonology/Switzerland

    1) From:     ur.shlonsky at
       Subject:  Syntax of Semitic Languages
    2) From:     ur.shlonsky at
       Subject:  Synchrony Meets Diachrony In Phonology

  15.2025, Calls: Typology/Germany; Ling Theories/Japan

    1) From:     sa_conf at
       Subject:  The Typology of Stative-Active Languages
    2) From:     hayashishita at
       Subject:  Language Under Uncertainty: Modals, Evidentials, and Conditionals

  15.2026, Calls: General Ling/Canada; Discourse Analysis/Finland

    1) From:     caneng at
       Subject:  Canadian English in the Global Context
    2) From:     eisusa at
       Subject:  Perspectives interculturelles et inter-linguistiques sur le discours académique

  15.2027, Sum: Hiatus Resolution Across Glottals

    1) From:     Marianne Borroff <mlborroff at>
       Subject:  Sum. of Query: Hiatus Resolution Across Glottals

  15.2028, Sum: Japanese/English Lang Use Reference

    1) From:     Barbara Avila-Shah <bia at>
       Subject:  SUM Posting 15.1932

  15.2029, Sum: Online Linguistics Glossaries

    1) From:     Karen Chung <karchung at>
       Subject:  Online linguistics glossaries

  15.2030, FYI: NPR Radio Program on Languages

    1) From:     Rick Rickerson <erickerson at>
       Subject:  NPR Radio Program on Languages

  15.2031, Jobs: Modified: Morphology: Post Doc, U/Surrey

    1) From:     g.corbett <g.corbett at>
       Subject:  Modified Re: 15.1899: Morphology: Post Doc, University of Surrey, UK

  15.2032, Support: Corpus Development: Ph.D. scholarship, Dublin

    1) From:     Andy Way <away at>
       Subject:  Corpus Development: Ph.D. scholarship, Dublin City University

  15.2033, Jobs: Lang-learning Technology: Developer, NextEngine

    1) From:     jobs at
       Subject:  Video Lang-learning Technology: Development Leader, NextEngine, Inc.

  15.2034, Jobs: NLP: Lecturer, The University of Edinburgh, UK

    1) From:     F.McGregor at
       Subject:  NLP: Lecturer, The University of Edinburgh, Lothian, United Kingdom

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