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  15.2097, Calls: Discourse Analysis/Sweden; Computational Ling

    1) From:     cornelia.ilie at
       Subject:  Argumentative Strategies and Rhetorical Styles in European Parliaments
    2) From:     vasile at
       Subject:  Natural Language based Knowledge Representations: New Perspectives

  15.2098, Calls: Lang Acquisition/Germany; Phonetics/UK

    1) From:     gagarina at
       Subject:  Frequency Effects in Language Acquisition
    2) From:     info at
       Subject:  ISCA Workshop on Plasticity in Speech Perception

  15.2099, Confs: General Ling/Taipei, Taiwan

    1) From:     miguelt at
       Subject:  9th International Symposium on Chinese Languages and Linguistics

  15.2100, Confs: Ling Theories/Montreal, Canada

    1) From:     phiworkshop at
       Subject:  Phi-Theory: Phi-Features Across Modules and Interfaces

  15.2101, Confs: Socioling/Belfast, N. Ireland, UK

    1) From:     j.kirk at
       Subject:  5th Language and Politics Symposium

  15.2102, Calls: Computational Ling/Australia;Morphology/Germany

    1) From:     badenh at
       Subject:  2004 Australasian Language Technology Workshop
    2) From:     Markus Steinbach <steinbac at>
       Subject:  Morphology Between Underdetermination and Overdetermination

  15.2103, Calls: Cognitive Sci/Korea; Interpretation/Journal

    1) From:     francisco.ruiz at (Francisco Jose Ruiz De Mendoza Ibanez)
       Subject:  9th International Cognitive Linguistics Conference
    2) From:     SOMEYA, Yasumasa <someya at>
       Subject:   Interpretation Studies

  15.2104, Confs: Computational Ling/Grenoble, France

    1) From:     Gilles Serasset <Gilles.Serasset at>
       Subject:  PAPILLON 2004 Workshop on Multilingual Lexical Databases

  15.2105, TOC: Journal of 2nd Lang. Writing 13:1 (2004)

    1) From:     j.neden at
       Subject:   Journal of Second Language Writing, volume 13, issue 1

  15.2106, FYI: Master of European Ling at Freiburg, Germany

    1) From:     Bernd Kortmann <european.linguistics at>
       Subject:  Master of European Linguistics at Freiburg, Germany

  15.2107, Jobs: Two Positions: Lecturers, Chungnam National U

    1) From:     mbaek at
       Subject:  English & Literature Or Ling: lecturer, Chungnam National U, Korea

  15.2108, Jobs: NLP: Software Engineer, Rhetorical Systems

    1) From:     wojciech at
       Subject:  Text Processing Software Engineer: Programmer, Rhetorical, UK

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