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  15.937, Jobs: Lang & Communication: Full Prof, U of Sheffield

    1) From:     T.Wright at
       Subject:  Lang & Communication: Full Prof, U of Sheffield, UK

  15.938, Jobs: Spanish Ling: Asst Prof, Northern Illinois U

    1) From:     mlmazzola at
       Subject:  Spanish Linguistics: Asst Prof, Northern Illinois University, IL, USA

  15.939, Jobs: EAP/ESL: Instructor, Seattle University, WA

    1) From:     ehinkel at
       Subject:  EAP/ESL: Instructor, Seattle University, WA, USA

  15.940, Jobs: Comp Ling: Pan American Health Organization, DC

    1) From:     aymericj at
       Subject:  Computational Ling: Pan American Health Organization, DC, USA

  15.941, Jobs: Lang Aquisition: Post Doc, U of Calgary, Canada

    1) From:     LRC at
       Subject:  Lang Aquisition: Post Doc, U of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  15.942, Jobs: Comp Ling: Pacific Northwest National Lab

    1) From:     angela.nelson at
       Subject:  Computational Ling: Scientist, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, WA

  15.943, Confs: General Linguistics/Zarka, Jordan

    1) From:     drwafa at
       Subject:  Nations Civilisation and Challenges of Informatics

  15.944, Jobs: Translations: Bassili Enterprises, USA

    1) From:     bassilij at
       Subject:  Translations: Translator, Bassili Enterprises, INC, FL, USA

  15.945, Jobs: Dialogue Systems: Researcher, Stanford U, USA

    1) From:     lcavedon at
       Subject:  Dialogue Systems: Researcher, Stanford University, CA, USA

  15.946, Jobs: Psycholing: Asst Prof, U of Ottawa, Canada

    1) From:     lapierre at
       Subject:  Psycholinguistics: Asst Prof, U of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  15.947, All: This week's LINGUIST Notice Board

    1) From:     notice at
       Subject:  This week's LINGUIST Notice Board

  15.948, TOC: J. of Neuroling Vol 17, No 4 (2004)

    1) From:     j.neden at
       Subject:  Journal of Neurolinguistics, volume 17, issue 4

  15.949, All: Past Editors: Where Are They Now?

    1) From:     linguist at
       Subject:  Past Editors: Where Are They Now?
    2) From:     linguist at
       Subject:  How to Donate...
    3) From:     linguist at
       Subject:  Contributors So Far....

  15.950, Calls: General Ling/Netherlands; Computational Ling

    1) From:     tabu at
       Subject:  TABU-day 2004
    2) From:     ibekwe at
       Subject:  Application-driven Terminology Engineering

  15.951, FYI: Lakoff in Beijing; Ling Closes at Durham

    1) From:     "Dr Thomas Li" <lifuyin at>
       Subject:  Professor George Lakoff Offers Series of Lectures in Beijing
    2) From:     "S.J. Hannahs" <s.j.hannahs at>
       Subject:  Closure of Linguistics at the University of Durham

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