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  15.952, Calls: General Ling/Turkey; Lexicography/Australia

    1) From:     sagin at
       Subject:  2nd Postgraduate Conference in Linguistics and Language Teaching
    2) From:     Pauline.Bryant at
       Subject:  Australex Biennial Conference 2004

  15.953, Qs: Lang/Gender Articles; Early Ergativity Desc

    1) From:     Johanna Rubba <jrubba at>
       Subject:  language/gender query
    2) From:     Eduardo Ribeiro <erribeir at>
       Subject:  Ergativity avant la lettre

  15.954, Qs: Dictionary Database; Greek Possessive Enclitics

    1) From:     "Drezner" <arik200 at>
       Subject:  dictionary database
    2) From:     Michael Cysouw <cysouw at>
       Subject:  Qs: Modern Greek possessive enclitics

  15.955, Qs: Vowels Online; South Asian Languages

    1) From:     "Cari Sisson" <new_caledonia at>
       Subject:  vowels
    2) From:     tkbhatia at
       Subject:  Re: Works on SA languages/lingiustics by scholars residing in  North America

  15.956, Sum: Prenuclear Glides

    1) From:     George Yang <ycsgeorge at>
       Subject:  thanks

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