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18.3042, Calls: Semantics/USA; General Ling/USA

  1) From:      Chris Potts < potts at >
     Subject:   Semantics and Linguistic Theory 18

  2) From:      Catherine Lai < laic at >
     Subject:   Penn Linguistics Colloquium

18.3043, Calls: Computational,General Ling,Semantics/USA; General Ling/USA

  1) From:      April Grotberg < agrotberg at >
     Subject:   44th Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society

  2) From:      Dirk Elzinga < Dirk_Elzinga at >
     Subject:   Linguistic Association of the Southwest

18.3044, Calls: Computational Ling/USA; Pragmatics,Semantics/France

  1) From:      Crystal Nakatsu < cnakatsu at >
     Subject:   5th International Natural Language Generation

  2) From:      Laurent Roussarie < laurent.roussarie at >
     Subject:   Journées Sémantique et Modélisation

18.3045, Calls: General Ling/Finland

  1) From:      Espen Ore < espen.ore at >
     Subject:   Digital Humanities 2008

18.3046, Jobs: Software Design/Programming for Archive: Software Developer, SOAS

  1) From:      David Nathan < djn at >
     Subject:   Software Design & Programming for Documentation Archive: Software Developer, SOAS, University of London, UK

18.3047, Jobs: General Linguistics: Assistant Professor, Bucknell University

  1) From:      James Lavine < jlavine at >
     Subject:   General Linguistics: Assistant Professor, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA, USA

18.3048, Jobs: General Linguistics: Assistant Prof, University of Saskatchewan

  1) From:      Paul Bidwell < paul.bidwell at >
     Subject:   General Linguistics: Assistant Professor, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK, Canada

18.3049, Jobs: English Linguistics: Researcher, Stockholm University

  1) From:      Ingrid Westin < ingrid.westin at >
     Subject:   English Linguistics: Researcher, Stockholm University, Sweden

18.3050, Jobs: French & Applied Ling: Director of Basic Language, U of Illinois

  1) From:      Yvonne Knight < yknight at >
     Subject:   French & Applied Linguistics: Director of Basic Language, French, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA

18.3051, Jobs: Computational Psycholing: Full Prof, Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum

  1) From:      Martin Hoelter < hoelter at >
     Subject:   Computational Psycholinguistics: Full Professor, Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum, Germany

18.3052, Jobs: General Linguistics: Assistant Prof, University of North Dakota

  1) From:      Ursula Hovet < ursulahovet at >
     Subject:   General Linguistics: Assistant Professor, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, USA

18.3053, Confs: Cognitive Science, Pragmatics,Philosophy of Lang,Semantics/France

  1) From:      Isidora Stojanovic < Isidora.Stojanovic at >
     Subject:   Context-Dependence, Perspective and Relativity

18.3054, Confs: Applied Ling, Lang Acquisition, Psycholing, German/Germany

  1) From:      Carola Schnitzler < info at >
     Subject:   5. Interdisz. Tagung ü. Sprachentwicklungsstörungen

18.3055, Confs: Computational Linguistics/Italy

  1) From:      Paola Baroni < eagles at >
     Subject:   LangTech 2008

18.3056, Confs: Applied Linguistics, Translation/Germany

  1) From:      Juliane Walter < at >
     Subject:   7th Languages & Business

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