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18.3057, FYI: Glottopedia: The Free Encyclopedia of Linguistics

  1) From:      Martin Haspelmath < haspelmath at >
     Subject:   Glottopedia: The Free Encyclopedia of Linguistics

18.3058, FYI: Interface of Linguistics & Buddhism/Any Interest?

  1) From:      Michael Aceto < acetom at >
     Subject:   Interface of Linguistics & Buddhism/Any Interest?

18.3059, FYI: Modified: Documenting Endangered Langs 2007 Awards

  1) From:      Terry Langendoen < dlangend at >
     Subject:   Modified: Documenting Endangered Langs 2007 Awards

18.3060, Diss: Cog Sci/Neuroling: Schmidt-Kassow: 'What's Beat Got To Do Wit...'

  1) From:      Maren Schmidt-Kassow < kassow at >
     Subject:   What's Beat Got To Do With It?The Influence of Meter on Syntactic Processing: ERP evidence from healthy and patient populations

18.3061, Diss: Comp Ling/Lang Acq: Koller: 'Design, Development, Implementat...'

  1) From:      Thomas Koller < thomas-koller at >
     Subject:   Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation of a Plurilingual ICALL System for Romance Languages Aimed at Advanced Learners

18.3062, All: This week's LINGUIST Notice Board

18.3063, Calls: General,Historical Ling/UK; Pragmatics/France

  1) From:      Gunther De Vogelaer < gunther.devogelaer at >
     Subject:   Dialects as a Testing Ground for Theories of Change

  2) From:      Helene Wlodarczyk < helene.wlodarczyk at >
     Subject:   Discourse Coherence - Text and Theory

18.3064, Calls: Cognitive Science/Germany; Computational Ling/USA

  1) From:      Doris Schoenefeld < schoenefeld at >
     Subject:   3rd International Conference of the German Cognitive Linguistics Association

  2) From:      Crystal Nakatsu < cnakatsu at >
     Subject:   5th International Natural Language Generation

18.3065, Calls: Discourse Analysis/Spain; General Ling/New Zealand

  1) From:      Enrique Lafuente < elafuen at >
     Subject:   Interpersonality in Written Academic Discourse

  2) From:      Paul Warren < paul.warren at >
     Subject:   Laboratory Phonology 11

18.3066, Calls: Socioling/France; Lang Documentation/USA

  1) From:      Gilles Siouffi < Gilles.Siouffi at >
     Subject:   Modes langagières dans l'histoire

  2) From:      Lyle Campbell < lyle.campbell at >
     Subject:   Conference on Endangered Languages and Cultures of Native America

18.3067, Calls: Applied Ling/United Arab Emirates

  1) From:      Fatima Badry < badry at >
     Subject:   TESOL in a Globalized World: Exploring the Challenges

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