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18.3159, Qs: The Language of Written Interviews

  1) From:      Gloria Cappelli < newsletter at >
     Subject:   The Language of Written Interviews

18.3160, Calls: General Ling/Poland; General Ling/USA

  1) From:      Alina Kwiatkowska < akwiat at >
     Subject:   Humor. Theories, Applications, Practices

  2) From:      Irmengard Rauch < irauch at >
     Subject:   Berkeley Germanic Linguistics Roundtable

18.3161, Calls: General Ling,Morphology,Semantics/USA; Applied Ling/Taiwan

  1) From:      Hazel Pearson < hazelpearson at >
     Subject:   Workshop on Markedness and Underspecification

  2) From:      Chao-chih Liao < chaochih at >
     Subject:   2008 International Conference on Applied Linguistics

18.3162, Calls: Computational,General Ling,Pragmatics/Spain; General Ling/Brazil

  1) From:      Louise McNally < louise.mcnally at >
     Subject:   Reference to Abstract Objects in Natural Language

  2) From:      Plinio Barbosa < plinio at >
     Subject:   4th Conference on Speech Prosody

18.3163, Calls: General Ling/Belgium; Computational Ling,Semantics/Australia

  1) From:      Bert Cornillie < bert.cornillie at >
     Subject:   New Reflections on Grammaticalization 4

  2) From:      Martin Forst < mforst at >
     Subject:   Thirteenth International Lexical Functional Grammar Conference

18.3164, Confs: Applied Linguistics,Text/Corpus Linguistics, French/France

  1) From:      Alex Boulton < boulton at >
     Subject:   Des documents authentiques oraux aux corpus

18.3165, Confs: General Linguistics/Sweden

  1) From:      Carita Paradis < carita.paradis at >
     Subject:   SALC Conference

18.3166, Confs: Austronesian, General Linguistics/Philippines

  1) From:      Resty Cena < restycena at >
     Subject:   1st Philippine Linguistic Institute 2008

18.3167, Calls: General Ling/Malaysia; General Ling,Ling & Literature/Russia

  1) From:      Uri Tadmor < uri at >
     Subject:   18th Southeast Asian Linguistics Society Meeting

  2) From:      Nick Kupensky < nick.kupensky at >
     Subject:   Russian-American Linguistic and Cultural Comparisons

18.3168, Calls: Computational Ling/Morocco; Applied Ling/Spain

  1) From:      Helene Mazo < mazo at >
     Subject:   Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

  2) From:      Manuel Sánchez García < raam7 at >
     Subject:   Researching and Applying Metaphor

18.3169, Calls: General Ling/UK; General Ling/Belgium

  1) From:      Michelle Sheehan < michelle.sheehan at >
     Subject:   Generative Linguistics in the Old World

  2) From:      Peter Lauwers < peter.lauwers at >
     Subject:   5th International Contrastive Linguistics Conference

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