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18.3170, FYI: German SALSA Corpus Release 1.0

  1) From:      Aljoscha Burchardt < albu at >
     Subject:   German SALSA Corpus Release 1.0

18.3171, Qs: Syntactic Variables in Pupils' Writing by Computer

  1) From:      Bard Jensen < bard.jensen at >
     Subject:   Syntactic Variables in Pupils' Writing by Computer

18.3172, Books: Applied Ling/Socioling/Pragmatics: Kotthoff, Spencer-Oatey (Eds)

  1) From:      Julia Ulrich < julia.ulrich at >
     Subject:   Handbook of Intercultural Communication: Kotthoff, Spencer-Oatey (Eds)

18.3173, Calls: General Ling/France; Discipline of Ling/UK

  1) From:      Paul Isambert < zappathustra at >
     Subject:   11th Young Researchers' Meeting

  2) From:      Virginia Gathercole < pss116 at >
     Subject:   International Conference on Models of Interaction in Bilinguals

18.3174, Calls: Pragmatics/Italy; General Ling/Taiwan

  1) From:      Marta Albelda < marta.albelda at >
     Subject:   (Im)politeness in Spanish

  2) From:      Jiun-Shiung Wu < ncl2008.ncyu at >
     Subject:   National Conference on Linguistics

18.3175, Calls: Syntax/Sweden; Morphology/UK

  1) From:      Christer Platzack < christer.platzack at >
     Subject:   NORMS Workshop on Argument Structure

  2) From:      Alexandra Galani < ag153 at >
     Subject:   York-Essex Morphology Meeting 5

18.3176, Calls: General Ling,Syntax,Translation/Finland; Pragmatics/Hungary

  1) From:      Peter Oehl < veranstaltungen at >
     Subject:   17th Annual Meeting of GeSuS

  2) From:      Michael Haugh < m.haugh at >
     Subject:   Face, Culture and Social Interaction

18.3177, Calls: Discipline of Ling/India

  1) From:      Sa Shanavas < ismlag at >
     Subject:   International Seminar on Malayalam and Globalisation

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