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19.399, Jobs: Romanian & Translation: Translator, Teragram Corporation

  1) From:       Clark < jobs at >
     Subject:   Romanian & Translation: Translator, Teragram Corporation, Cambridge, MA, USA

19.400, Confs: General Ling,Morphology,Semantics,Typology/USA

  1) From:      Hazel Pearson < hpearson at >
     Subject:   Workshop on Markedness and Underspecification

19.401, Confs: Morphology/Austria

  1) From:      Nino Amiridze < Nino.Amiridze at >
     Subject:   Morphological Variation and Change in Languages of the Caucasus

19.402, Confs: General Linguistics/Germany

  1) From:      Carsten Breul < breul at >
     Subject:   Contrastive Information Structure Analysis

19.403, Confs: General Linguistics/USA

  1) From:      Amy Campbell < bls at >
     Subject:   Berkeley Linguistics Society

19.404, Confs: Genetic Classification, Historical Ling, Na-Dene Family/USA

  1) From:      Andrea Berez < aberez at >
     Subject:   Dene-Yeniseic Symposium

19.405, All: Obituary: Dr. Eloise Jelinek

  1) From:      Heidi Harley < hharley at >
     Subject:   Obituary: Dr. Eloise Jelinek

19.406, All: Obituary: Celia Jakubowicz

  1) From:      Maria Luisa Zubizarreta < zubizarr at >
     Subject:   Obituary: Celia Jakubowicz

19.407, Diss: Disc Analysis/Pragmatics/Semantics: Zulaica: 'Demonstrative P...'

  1) From:      Iker Zulaica-Hernandez: < ikerzulaica at >
     Subject:   Demonstrative Pronouns in Spanish: A discourse-based study

19.408, Diss: Ling Theories/Phonetics/Phonology: Zhu: 'The Representation ...'

  1) From:      Lei Zhu < zhuleisisu at >
     Subject:   The Representation of Modern Chinese in Modern Linguistic Texts: With special reference to phonetics and phonology

19.409, Jobs: Phonetics & Phonology: Researcher, Centre for General Linguistics

  1) From:      Hubert Truckenbrodt < hubertt at >
     Subject:   Phonetics & Phonology: Researcher, Centre for General Linguistics (ZAS), Berlin, Germany

19.410, Disc: Automatical Metrical Markup

  1) From:      Klemens Bobenhausen < klemens.bobenhausen at >
     Subject:   Automatical Metrical Markup

19.411, Disc: A Question on Language Acquisition

  1) From:      Tony Deng < tonydengcs at >
     Subject:   A Question on Language Acquisition

19.412, Review: Available for Review

  1) From:      Randall Eggert < randy at >
     Subject:   Reviews: Available for Review

19.413, Diss: Syntax: Beas: 'Agreement on the Left Edge: The syntax of disl...'

  1) From:      Omar Beas < obeas at >
     Subject:   Agreement on the Left Edge: The syntax of dislocation in Spanish

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