LINGUIST List Special Issue: Fund Drive

Mon Mar 8 20:58:35 UTC 2010

LINGUIST List Special Issue: Fund Drive 

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Reviews: Monica Macaulay, U of Wisconsin-Madison  
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	   Joseph Salmons, U of Wisconsin-Madison  
	    Anja Wanner, U of Wisconsin-Madison  
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The LINGUIST List is funded by Eastern Michigan University, 
and donations from subscribers and publishers.

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2010 08:31:20
From:  linguist [linguist at]
Subject: We Need Your Help!

Dear Subscribers, 

As we enter the second week of our annual Fund Drive, I 
am appealing directly to you, LINGLITE subscribers, to 
help The LINGUIST List by donating right now. Please help 
keep our services going for another year by donating even 
$25 or $30 through our secure facility:

Last year The LINGUIST List posted nearly 4,500 announcements, 
coming out to an average of 12 messages a day. As a LINGLITE 
subscriber, you receive a summary of the previous day's 
announcements in a single email. The daily summary includes 
the issue number, message subject, submitter's name, and a 
link to the complete posting for every announcement. This 
format allows you stay abreast of all of the information we 
post on your own terms; you can easily skim an entire day's 
worth of email, clicking the links and reading the postings 
of interest to you and skipping over the rest, including the 
messages about our fund raising efforts. 

If you've grown accustomed to having all the information 
posted on LINGUIST at your fingertips in a single email, 
please help keep this service alive by donating today. 

Thank you for your continuing support, 

Catherine Adams
Managing Editor

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Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2010 09:03:00
From:  linguist [[log in to unmask]]
Subject: Help Your Linguistics Subfield be the Winner!

Dear Subscribers,

Do you love Language Acquisition? Do you think there is
nothing like Semantics? Is Morphology or Historical 
Linguistics the apple of your eye? Would you support
the idea that Sociolinguistics is the most interesting
area in linguistics?

Come and join us in a new challenge this week! We have brought back
the Linguistics Subsfield Challenge this year. We have a 
group of linguists who are sponsoring their most beloved
area in linguistics to try to make it the most successful
this Fund Drive as well. Will you help your lingfield be
the one? 

How it works:
1. Go to
2. While submitting your donation, select a linguistic subfield
from the drop down
3. We will count each donation towards the lingfield selected by
the donor
4. We will announce the Lingfield winner next Monday!

These linguists are sponsoring some of the Lingfield:

Susan Fischer: Sociolinguistics
Arienne Dwyer: Language Documentation
Helen Aristar-Dry: Discourse Analysis
Anthony Aristar and Joseph Salmons: Historical Linguistics
Bill vanPatten: Second Language Acquisition
Geoff Nathan: Phonology
Margaret Winters: History of Linguistics
Barbara Partee: Semantics
Monica Macaulay: Morphology

Do you want to sponsor a lingfield? Contact Maria (
and let us know!

Join your fellow researchers in this race to the top!
Contribute now at:


-------------------------Message 3 ----------------------------------
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2010 09:13:00
From:  linguist [[log in to unmask]]
Subject: Your Donation Efforts Have Kept Me Here

Dear Subscribers,
As I enter my fourth year at the LINGUIST List, I look 
back on the history of letters that I've written you. I've 
shared the story of how I became interested in languages 
in high school, and pursued that interest in college. I 
also told you how, with some luck, I found my way to The 
LINGUIST List's non-for-profit publication, staying afloat 
through donations made by readers like you: 

While it may have been luck that landed me at The LINGUIST 
List, it is undoubtedly the efforts of readers like you that 
has kept me here. Without you donating your hard-earned cash, 
we wouldn't be able to provide the services you've come to 

'Services?' you ask.

Why, yes! If you're in linguistics and you're looking for books, 
reviews, conferences, or a job, The LINGUIST List is probably 
your first stop, whether by visiting our website, reading your 
email, checking an RSS feed, or even just dropping by one of 
our Twitter profiles. And I am one of the graduate students who 
power this place. 
As linguists, we do everything we can to bring as much useful 
information as possible to the linguistics community - but we 
need YOUR help to continue to do that.

The good news though, is 
that it is easy to help out! 

Simply clicking this link: 

will take you to the donate page. There you can do your part 
to ensure that we continue to fill your inbox with everything 
you need to be a linguist in the 21st century.

Even if you can only send $25 or $50 our way, you will be helping 
us out in a BIG way. You contribution helps support another year 
of The LINGUIST List publishing more of the linguistics 
information you need.

Won't you help us out? 


Hunter Thompson Lockwood 
Student Editor

-------------------------Message 4 ----------------------------------
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2010 10:13:00
From:  linguist [[log in to unmask]]
Subject: I Count Myself Lucky to Experience this Type of Education

Dear Subscribers,

I came to The LINGUIST List in 2006, eager to begin graduate 
studies and gain experience working in linguistics. My experience 
has been far from disappointing! LINGUIST has supported my studies 
throughout my time in the graduate program at Eastern Michigan 
University and continues to provide professional experience that 
cannot be matched elsewhere. Our office receives the latest updates 
in the field, and the daily interaction with the students and 
faculty in the office has made me feel at home in the program.

I edit book announcements and correspond with publishers to make 
sure that LINGUIST announces the latest materials relevant to the 
field. I've always enjoyed reading the summaries of these publications, 
especially those which pertain to my favorite topics. LINGUIST has 
also expanded my knowledge to include valuable skills in writing HTML, 
editing text, and working with language maps. I count myself lucky 
to experience this type of education. I know that LINGUIST serves an 
important role in the discipline, and it also benefits the student 
staff that keeps it running. Please donate to help keep LINGUIST 

Best regards,

Hannah Morales

-------------------------Message 5 ----------------------------------
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2010 10:44:00
From:  linguist [[log in to unmask]]
Subject: Your Donation Enables Us to Keep All These Resources Up and Running

Dear Subscribers,

The Publications Area is a large and popular part 
of LINGUIST. We post announcements about the 
newest linguistics publications, including books, 
journal tables of contents, journal calls for papers, 
and dissertations. We also keep a searchable database 
of journals, academic papers, and publishers that 
accept linguistics materials. Additionally, we work 
closely with the Reviews Team, which posts subscriber 
reviews of books that have been announced on our listserv. 
In 2009, we posted information about more than:

- 950 books
- 120 book reviews
- 300 journal tables of contents
- 120 journal calls for papers
- 180 dissertations

Our database, which you can search by language, 
linguistic subfield, and more, now includes a total 
of about:

- 7660 books
- 2320 book reviews
- 2220 journal tables of contents
- 1860 dissertation abstracts
- 3000 academic paper abstracts

Also, if you are looking for information about linguistics 
journals or publishers that publish linguistics titles, our 
database contains entries for approximately:

- 560 journals
- 130 publishers

To browse or search through any of the features mentioned 
here, visit the Publications Index at:

Please feel free to take advantage of other special pages, 
such as Cambridge Extra, which features access to selected 
journal articles, fun competitions, and other special offers

Additionally, the Wiley-Blackwell Language & Linguistics 
Compass Discussion Forum allows you to read the full text 
of selected articles and post comments about them directly 
to an online discussion board:

Please remember that your donation enables us to keep all 
these resources up and running! Help us reach our fund 
drive goal by making a donation at


The Publications Team

-------------------------Message 6 ----------------------------------
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2010 01:24:00
From:  linguist [[log in to unmask]]
Subject: Your Donations are Revolutionizing Linguistic Mapping

Dear Subscribers,

---Your donations are revolutionizing linguistic mapping---

Linguistic data are like ingredients for a meal. It's all 
about how you
put it together.

Quite often, linguistic data is still served raw in figures 
and sentences. As we learn more and more about the technical 
tools at our disposal, we learn how to spice it up with graphs 
and illuminating tables - and nowadays, some of it can move in 
animated graphs, audio-clips and movies.

While a paper map of language distribution is infinitely more 
delectable than written geographical directions, it's still 
a bit stale. That's why Stockholm University and LINGUIST List 
got together in the LLMAP project a few years ago, to create a 
new standard for linguistic mapping - interactive maps that 
could be overlayed on top of each other and filled with as much 
information as we could put in there - editable by researchers 
to produce just the kind of map they needed at any given moment.

I've been team leader, together with Hunter Lockwood, for the 
LINGUIST List branch of LLMAP for half a year now, and we are 
constantly struck by the revolution in linguistic mapping we 
see before us, and the interest the LLMAP project evokes in 
field linguists we talk to. Soon, the editing facility will be 
up, and anyone will be able to edit any map in our steadily 
growing database of geospatial information.

I want to thank you for your generous support to LINGUIST List 
in the past, that has made it possible for us to build this tool 
for the research community.

And we really need your donations this year as well, in order 
to keep going. And while you're thinking about how much to 
donate, why don't you step in and have a look at LLMAP:

And check out, for instance, how our global climate and 
geographical terrain maps interact with the distribution of 
different languages - or how different theories of the language 
distribution in Mexico matches up. Or something else that catches 
your fancy.

And that's just the appetizer...

Donate at:


-------------------------Message 7 ----------------------------------
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2010 01:53:00
From:  linguist [[log in to unmask]]
Subject: Play Our Cipher Game and Win a Prize!

Dear Subscribers, 
Do you like mind games? Are you good at problem solving? 
Do you want a challenge? Come and try to figure out our 
first cipher game! 
We are looking out for the first person to solve this cipher. 
There is a prize waiting for you! Be the first one to 
solve it and claim your prize. 
Let us know what you think of our games by contacting 
Maria ( Make sure you show us 
how much you appreciate what we do (and the efforts that 
we put into entertaining you over the weekends this Fund Drive) 
by donating now: 

-------------------------Message 8 ----------------------------------
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2010 03:01:00
From:  linguist [[log in to unmask]]
Subject: Work at LINGUIST is Always About What You Have the Capacity to Learn


"You want me to create a way for field linguists to upload 
coordinates from their GPS units, and immediately get a map 
on our online LL-Map website? I have no idea how to do it, 
right now. But I'll have a plan for you by Friday." 
Your generous support to The LINGUIST List is not only assuring 
the linguistic community of a steady flow of vital information 
about new conferences, calls for papers, new jobs, books and 
reviews, it is also letting us - the 20 graduate students working 
here - be a part of a fast paced and stimulating research environment, 
tackling cutting-edge questions in applied computational linguistics. 
Please continue your support by donating today: 

Working at LINGUIST - whether be it designing a new ten-clicks- 
and-it's-ready conference webpage service, making digital maps 
of dying languages or creating interoperable search facilities 
for lexicons - is never about what you already know, and always 
about what you have the capacity to learn. We are taught how to 
analyze research problems, how to acquire new skills and tools 
on the go, and never be afraid to learn new things. 
And that's what LINGUIST List is really teaching us: no matter 
what the research problem or technical conundrum is, we know 
that we have the skills to solve it. We'll have a plan ready 
by Friday. 

Please help support The LINGUIST List by donating at 

Kind regards, 
Susanne Vejdemo 
Research Assistant/Editor 

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