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LINGUIST List Special Issue: Fund Drive 

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-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 08:31:20
From:  linguist [linguist at]
Subject: Let's rock with SLA!

Dear Subscribers,

OK, SLA specialists. It's time to step up to the plate. 
I will pledge up to $1500 of matching funds if you get 
your contributions in. This means that SLAists can 
contribute $3000 to the LinguistList fund drive 
(maybe more if your contributions exceed my $1500 matching 

So, please send your pledges/donations in. Show your support 
and let's rock with SLA!

Donate at:

Bill VanPatten

-------------------------Message 2 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 09:24:56
From:  linguist [linguist at]
Subject: To all Discourse Analysts!

Dear Discourse Analysts,

Did you know that there are 1174 Discourse Analysts listed 
in the LINGUIST List Professional Directory?

Or that on LINGUIST there are

-172 dissertation abstracts in Discourse Analysis 

-760 books on Discourse Analysis 

-approximately 50 upcoming conferences on Discourse Analysis

-and 96 jobs relating to Discourse Analysis

Discourse analysts are an active group.  And The LINGUIST 
List has been active in supporting our research.

As some of you know, this week, during the annual LINGUIST 
List Fund Drive, several linguistic subfields have challenged 
each other to see which field can raise the most money to 
support LINGUIST List's deserving students and make sure that 
LL services continue.

As sponsor of the Discourse Analysis subfield (and--OF COURSE--
as a Linguist List moderator), I would love to see my subfield 
take the lead. 

If you feel that LINGUIST List has contributed to your 
professional life, please make a donation at:

And please accept our sincere gratitude for your continuing 


-------------------------Message 3 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 10:01:32
From:  linguist [linguist at]
Subject: New Linguist of the Day: Dafydd Gibbon!

Dear Subscribers,

Dafydd Gibbon is our latest Linguist of the Day!
The story of how he became a linguist will take
you through his background and education, his life
around the globe and much more!

Dafydd Gibbon starts his story as follows:
"Why and how did I become a linguist? Coincidences? 
Parental heritage? Because I was no good at drawing 
freehand maps of Australia? Because of a love affair 
as a student? Discourse theorists say that we regularly 
reconstruct our past so that it makes sense as a 
coherent story. That is what I am doing right now, 
trying to weave many unrelated strands together into 
the compact magic carpet which has carried me through 
my career."

Read his whole story in our Linguist of the Day area

To make sure that one day current linguist students 
will be in a position to inspire new students, donate
now to support their education!


-------------------------Message 4 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 11:28:12
From:  linguist [linguist at]
Subject: Grad Scholl Challenge Update!

Dear Subscribers,

The Grad School Challenge is in full effect already!
Arizona State University had the lead for a few days
until the University of Edinburgh took over today!
We can see that there will be great rivalry between
schools once more. Is your school claiming to be the
one that can lead the challenge? Are you ready to
get your classmates and professors to work together
as one while helping the LINGUIST List Fund Drive?

See the current standings at:

What can you do? Have as many people in your school 
donate this Fund Drive 
and select your school while doing so. All those 
donations will count towards the challenge!

As last year, we divided all schools into regions. The 
top school in each region will receive a prize at the 
end of Fund Drive. You can see the prize list at:

Can University of Kansas or the University of Maryland 
take the lead? Will Arizona State University go back
to the top? Maybe the University of Southern California
will take a big jump and claim the top!

Help your school succeed in this challenge by helping
LINGUIST this Fund Drive:


-------------------------Message 5 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 11:28:12
From:  linguist [linguist at]
Subject: Your Donations Will Go a Long Way!

Dear Subscribers,
Mfon Udoinyang is my name and I am an international student 
from Nigeria currently in my first year in the linguistics 
program at Eastern Michigan University. My coming to study 
at Eastern was made possible by the award of a position as a 
LINGUIST List editor, facilitated by your kind and generous 
Please donate today to help students like me: 
My tasks at The LINGUIST List includes approving the 
submissions of people who have created their personal 
profiles in The LINGUIST List database, resetting passwords 
for users, and approving submissions of university programs 
listed in our directory. I also respond to daily email 
inquiries about how to create and update profiles for 
individuals and programs. This has been a satisfying job 
experience for me as I get to meet and interact online with 
prominent scholars whose books I have read or heard about as 
a linguistics student. 
I'm also a team member of the LL-Map, which is a project 
designed to integrate language information with data from the 
physical and social sciences by means of a Geographical 
Information System (GIS). I sometimes find the high-tech 
aspects of my work a bit challenging, but the very supportive 
crew is helping me to find my feet quickly enough. Being at 
The LINGUIST List has enabled me to learn new and exciting 
things about linguistics that I would never have learned if 
I had studied linguistics up to the PhD level in my home country. 
The expertise, exposure, professional contacts and experiences 
will have incalculable benefits to me and ultimately my students 
in my future career as a linguist. Yet, all of this would not be 
possible without your kind and generous support to The LINGUIST 
Please donate now: 
Thank you for your generosity! 
Mfon Udoinyang 
Linguist List Editor

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