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LINGUIST List Special Issue: Fund Drive 

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-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 08:51:12
From:  linguist [linguist at]
Subject: Win a Journal Subscription from J. Benjamins!

Dear linguists,

We have a new offer for you today! John Benjamins is offering
5 personal one year subscriptions to the donor's choice to the 
first 5 donors who donate $100 or more today!

Would you like to receive one of the following journals for a year
for free?

Babel (Babel)

Concepts and Transformation (CAT) 

Consciousness & Emotion (C&E) 
Constructions and Frames (CF) 
Diachronica (DIA) 
English Text Construction (ETC) 
English World-Wide (EWW) 
Functions of Language (FOL) 
Gesture (GEST) 
Historiographia Linguistica (HL) 
Interaction Studies (IS) 
International Journal of Cognition and Technology (IJCT) 
International Journal of Corpus Linguistics (IJCL) 
Interpreting (INTP) 
Journal of Asian Pacific Communication (JAPC) 
Journal of Greek Linguistics (JGL) 
Journal of Historical Pragmatics (JHP) 
Journal of Language and Politics (JLP) 
Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages (JPCL) 
Language Problems and Language Planning (LPLP) 
Languages in Contrast (LiC) 
Lingvisticæ Investigationes (LI) 
The Mental Lexicon (ML) 
Narrative Inquiry (NI) 
Pragmatics & Cognition (P&C) 
Revue Romane (RRO) 
Sign Language & Linguistics (SL&L) 
Spanish in Context (SiC) 
Studies in Language (SL) 
Target (Target) 
Terminology (TERM) 
Translation and Interpreting Studies (TIS) 

Donate now and get one of these journals, compliments of John

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Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 09:12:31
From:  linguist [linguist at]
Subject: Anthony Woodbury is Our New Linguist of the Day!

Dear Linguists,

Anthony Woodbury is our new Linguist of the Day!
He has a nice story to share with all of us on how
he became a linguist.

He starts: "It must have happened pretty fast, because 
in 1972, when the Spring Quarter of my first year at the 
University of Chicago rolled around, I found myself in 
Eric Hamp's course Introduction to Indo-European 
Linguistics, along with one intrepid friend and a bunch 
of graduate students."

Come and read his story at:

Once you are done reading it, consider donating today to 
help other students have a similar story to tell some
time in the future and inspire even more people!

Donate now:


-------------------------Message 3 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 10:27:54
From:  linguist [linguist at]
Subject: LINGUIST Has Provided Me the Best Training on the Field of 

Dear Subscribers,

Although I have worked at The LINGUIST List for two years as 
a graduate assistant, I still find myself being challenged 
and growing from my experience here. I am currently the editor 
for Call for Papers and a team member working on the Lexicon 
Enhancement via the GOLD Ontology (LEGO) project. 

The high volume of call submissions we receive each day requires me to 
devote a considerable amount of time to editing for The LINGUIST 
List (we work even on weekends!). This work has taught me how to 
make good editorial decisions to help provide you with better 
call announcements. 

In addition to my work as an editor, I am also involved in 
the LEGO project. For this project,we digitize lexicons (provided 
by their creators) and tag them with terms from the General 
Ontology for Linguistic Description (GOLD). This means that users 
will be able to construct linguistically interesting queries 
using the lexicons drawn from 16 different projects covering 
more than 300 languages. This will be a significant resource 
for typologists, semanticists, lexicographers, translators 
and other researchers. 

Without much prior programming knowledge, I have learned how 
to transform an original XML document by writing a XSLT for 
this project. This experience has improved my skill programming 
skills while making previous unpublished lexicons of endangered 
languages available online. 

The LINGUIST List is a super friendly 
environment to work in, and it has provided me the best training 
on the field of linguistics. Thank you for supporting our efforts! 

Your donation will ensure more students coming from all over the 
world to have the opportunity to become better linguists and 
continue to provide free services:


Kate Wu
Student Editor 

-------------------------Message 4 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 10:57:21
From:  linguist [linguist at]
Subject: Stanford is Back in the Lead

Dear Subscribers,

We have seen competition in the Grad School Challenge and
it seems like Stanford University and the University of
Washington are not done fighting for the lead!

Yesterday, the overall leader changed three times! Stanford 
is at the top right now, but will the University of Washington
let them stay there?

The leaders for the different regions are:

Africa:  North-West University

Americas: University of Ottawa

Asia: Sapporo Gakuin University, Shanghai International Studies 
University and Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.

Europe: University of Zurich

Middle East: Tel-Aviv University

Pacific: University of Melbourne

US (East): Eastern Michigan University

US (West): Stanford University

Do you want to make your school the leader of a region or the
leader of the overall challenge? Help raise funds now!

Donate at:


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