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22.3517, Calls: Discourse Analysis, Sociolinguistics/USA

  1) From:      Sarah Krizan < skrizan at >
     Subject:   Global Michigan: International Focus on the Revitalization of the Region

22.3518, Calls: Germanic, Romance, Historical Ling, Typology/Netherlands

  1) From:      Petra Sleeman < p.sleeman at >
     Subject:   Adjectives in Germanic and Romance: Variation and Change

22.3519, Calls: Applied Linguistics/USA

  1) From:      Lourdes Sanchez-Lopez < lourdes at >
     Subject:   International Symposium Languages for Specific Purposes

22.3520, Calls: Phonetics, Phonology, Cognitive Science, Neuroling/USA

  1) From:      Eric Raimy < raimy at >
     Subject:   Conference on the Segment in Phonology

22.3521, TOC: Morphology 21/3-4 (2011)

  1) From:      Jolanda Voogd < Jolanda.Voogd at >
     Subject:   Morphology Vol. 21, No. 3-4 (2011)

22.3522, TOC: Lebende Sprachen 56/1 (2011)

  1) From:      Julia Ulrich < julia.ulrich at >
     Subject:   Lebende Sprachen Vol. 56, No. 1 (2011)

22.3523, Confs: General Linguistics/Israel

  1) From:      Ilona Spector < igdal2011 at >
     Subject:   1st International Graduate Student Conference on Diverse Approaches to Linguistics

22.3524, Confs: Morphology, Semantics, Syntax/Spain

  1) From:      Elena Castroviejo < elena.castroviejo at >
     Subject:   Workshop on Modification (With & Without Modifiers)

22.3525, Confs: Semantics, Syntax/Spain

  1) From:      Vidal Valmala < vidal.valmala at >
     Subject:   Islands in Contemporary Linguistic Theory

22.3526, Confs: Phonology, Socioling/Australia

  1) From:      Ivan Yuen < ivan.yuen at >
     Subject:   Australasian Conference on Speech Science & Technology

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