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22.3527, Calls: Cognitive Science/Belgium

  1) From:      Adrienn Janosi < janosiad at >
     Subject:   Logic Now and Then

22.3528, Jobs: Comp Ling: Professional Officer, Department of Defence

  1) From:      Apply Online < noreply at >
     Subject:   Computational Linguistics: Professional Officer, Department of Defence, Adelaide, Australia

22.3529, Confs: Cognitive Science, Psycholing, Syntax/UK

  1) From:      Alex Drummond < alex.drummond at >
     Subject:   Past and Future of Universal Grammar

22.3530, Confs: Sociolinguistics/USA

  1) From:      Anastasia Nylund < nwav40 at >
     Subject:   40th New Ways of Analyzing Variation

22.3531, All: This week's LINGUIST Notice Board

22.3532, Jobs: Modified: Ling; Cog Sci; Speech/Hearing Sci: Post Docs, Indiana U

  1) From:      Robin Canfield < rcanfiel at >
     Subject:   General Linguistics; Cognitive Science; Speech and Hearing Sciences: Post Docs, Indiana University, IN, USA

22.3533, Jobs: French; Francophone Society & Culture: Asst Prof, U of Regina

  1) From:      Emmanuel Aito < Emmanuel.Aito at >
     Subject:   French; Francophone Society, Culture, Politics, Art & Film: Assistant Professor, University of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

22.3534, Jobs: Applied Linguistics: TESL/TEFL: Lecturer, UCLA

  1) From:      Kristina Magpayo < appling at >
     Subject:   Applied Linguistics: TESL/TEFL: Lecturer, University of California, Los Angeles, CA, USA

22.3535, Jobs: English; General Ling: Visiting Lecturer (Term Limited), Kyushu U

  1) From:      Nobuaki Nishioka < nishioka at >
     Subject:   English; General Linguistics: Visiting Lecturer (Term Limited), Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan

22.3536, Jobs: Syntax: Assistant Professor, University of California Berkeley

  1) From:      Paula Floro < floro at >
     Subject:   Syntax: Assistant Professor, University of California Berkeley, CA, USA

22.3537, Calls: Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics/ Dialogue and Discourse (Jrnl)

  1) From:      Stefanie Dipper < dipper at >
     Subject:   Dialogue and Discourse

22.3538, Calls: Language Acq/ Rivista Italiana di Filosofia del Linguaggio (Jrnl)

  1) From:      Giusy Gallo < segreteria.rifl at >
     Subject:   Rivista Italiana di Filosofia del Linguaggio

22.3539, Jobs: Arabic: Instructor/Contract Instructor, Carleton University

  1) From:      Randall Gess < randall_gess at >
     Subject:   Arabic: Instructor/Contract Instructor, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada

22.3540, FYI: Elsevier Journal System Has an Impact Factor

  1) From:      Rala Kawas < r.kawas at >
     Subject:   Elsevier Journal System Has an Impact Factor

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