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22.3580, Jobs: Writing & Communication: Prof/Assoc Prof, Nanyang Technological U

  1) From:       Chair, Search Committee < ad-hass-research at >
     Subject:   English; Writing and Communication: Professor or Associate Professor, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

22.3581, Books: Sociolinguistics/Cognitive Science: Schmid

  1) From:      Joyce Reid < jreid at >
     Subject:   Language Attrition: Schmid

22.3582, Books: Historical Linguistics/Semantics/Syntax: Dalrymple, Nikolaeva

  1) From:      Joyce Reid < jreid at >
     Subject:   Objects and Information Structure: Dalrymple, Nikolaeva

22.3583, Books: Morphology/Phonology/Semantics: Van Otterloo, Van Otterloo

  1) From:      Brian Homoleski < publications_intl at >
     Subject:   The Kifuliiru Language, Two Volume Set: Van Otterloo, Van Otterloo

22.3584, Calls: Historical Ling, Syntax/ Journal of Historical Syntax (Jrnl)

  1) From:      George Walkden < gw249 at >
     Subject:   Journal of Historical Syntax

22.3585, Calls: Applied Linguistics/Spain

  1) From:      M.ª Pilar Núñez Delgado < ndelgado at >
     Subject:   Research in Language Didactics: Present and Future

22.3586, Calls: Socioling, Areal Ling, Typology/Estonia

  1) From:      Andres Karjus < andres.karjus at >
     Subject:   Grad Conference on Areal Linguistics, Grammar & Contacts

22.3587, Calls: Applied Linguistics/UK

  1) From:      Lise Fontaine < fontainel at >
     Subject:   2nd LinC Summer school in Systemic Functional Linguistics

22.3588, Calls: Syntax/Belgium

  1) From:      Adrienn Janosi < janosiad at >
     Subject:   Brussels Conference on Generative Linguistics 6

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