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22.3589, Review: Historical Linguistics: Lenker, Huber, and Mailhammer (2010)

  1) From:      Penny Thompson < s0783066 at >
     Subject:   English Historical Linguistics 2008

22.3590, Books: Applied Ling/Language Acquisition: De Angelis, Dewaele (Eds)

  1) From:      Elinor Robertson < marketing at >
     Subject:   New Trends in Crosslinguistic Influence and Multilingualism Research: De Angelis, Dewaele (Eds)

22.3591, FYI: Vantage Theory Bibliography

  1) From:      Adam G?az < adam.glaz at >
     Subject:   Vantage Theory Bibliography

22.3592, Jobs: Computational Linguistics: Programmer, North Side Inc.

  1) From:      Eugene Joseph < eugene at >
     Subject:   English; Computational Linguistics: Programmer, North Side Inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada

22.3593, Diss: Phonetics/Persian: Ardali: 'The Intonation of Focus in ...'

  1) From:      Mortaza Taheri Ardali < ncmit1957 at >
     Subject:   The Intonation of Focus in Declarative Sentences in Persian

22.3594, Diss: Historical Linguistics/English: Navest: 'John Ash and the ...'

  1) From:      Karlijn Navest < karlijnnavest at >
     Subject:   John Ash and the Rise of the Children's Grammar

22.3595, Diss: Applied Linguistics: Chang: 'The Use of General and ...'

  1) From:      Ji-Yeon Chang < jchang200 at >
     Subject:   The Use of General and Specialized Corpora as Reference Tools for Academic and Technical English Writing: A case study of Korean graduate students of engineering

22.3596, Diss: Applied Linguistics/Portuguese: Anya: 'Investments in ...'

  1) From:      Uju Anya < ujuanya at >
     Subject:   Investments in Communities of Learners and Speakers: How African American students of Portuguese negotiate ethno-racialized, gendered, and social-classed identities in second language learning

22.3597, Diss: Lang Acq/Syntax: Prentza: 'Feature Interpretability in  ...'

  1) From:      Alexandra Prentza < prentzal at >
     Subject:   Feature Interpretability in Second Language Acqusition: Evidence from the Null Subject Parameter in the Greek/English interlanguage

22.3598, TOC: University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in... 17/2 (2011)

  1) From:      Working Papers < working-papers at >
     Subject:   University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics Vol. 17, No. 2 (2011)

22.3599, TOC: Natural Language Engineering 17/4 (2011)

  1) From:      Joyce Reid < jreid at >
     Subject:   Natural Language Engineering Vol. 17, No. 4 (2011)

22.3600, Calls: Computational Linguistics, Language Documentation/Germany

  1) From:      Deborah Anderson < dwanders at >
     Subject:   Digital Humanities 2012: Digital Diversity

22.3601, Calls: Language Acquisition, Psycholing, Neuroling/USA

  1) From:      Utako Minai < minai at >
     Subject:   Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition - North America 5

22.3602, Calls: Language Acquisition/Japan

  1) From:      Tomoko Sekiguchi < sekiguch at >
     Subject:   12th Annual Conference of the Japan Second Language Association

22.3603, Calls: English, Applied Linguistics/Turkey

  1) From:      Mustafa Tekin < tekinmustafa at >
     Subject:   7th International ELT Conference

22.3604, Confs: Psycholing, Photetics, Pragmatics/Canada

  1) From:      Duane Watson < etap2011 at >
     Subject:   Experimental and Theoretical Advances in Prosody 2

22.3605, Confs: Semantics, Syntax/France

  1) From:      Veronique Lagae < veronique.lagae at >
     Subject:   Syntaxe et Sémantique des Marqueurs Modaux

22.3606, Confs: General Linguistics/Israel

  1) From:      Ilona Spector < igdal2011 at >
     Subject:   1st International Graduate Student Conference on Diverse Approaches to Linguistics

22.3607, Review: Sociolinguistics; Spanish: Michnowicz & Dodsworth (2011)

  1) From:      Deborah Rheinstrom < blueeyeddebbi at >
     Subject:   Selected Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on Spanish Sociolinguistics

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