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Frans Plank Frans.Plank at UNI-KONSTANZ.DE
Fri Sep 17 18:23:40 UTC 1999

Dear ALT folks-

Last month at ALT III I presented a paper on referential morphology in
signed and spoken language.  In the talk I disucssed the central role that
marking for spatial location plays within the pronoun systems of signed

I would like to tap into the expertise of linguists on this discussion
list and ask for suggestions of spoken languages to look at (with
references, if available).  I am interested in any languages that use
spatial marking (deictics, locatives, demonstratives etc.) within the
*personal* prounoun system, in association with pronouns, in place of
pronouns in certain discourse situations, or in other situations of

If you were one of the individuals who offered comments / suggestions
during the discussion following my talk, I'd appreciate hearing from you
as well, as I've been unable to recall accurately some of the comments.

Please respond to me directly (email below).

Thank you very much,

Susan McBurney
Department of Linguistics
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington

mcburney at

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