personal space

Frans Plank Frans.Plank at UNI-KONSTANZ.DE
Tue Sep 21 18:10:58 UTC 1999


a classical reference for personal pronouns and spatial deixis is

Wilhelm von Humboldt
"Ueber die Verwandtschaft der Ortsadverbien mit dem Pronomen in einigen
(published variously,  Akademie edition of H's Gesammelte Schriften, vol.
6;  probably no English translation)

More recently see

Anderson, S.R. & E.L. Keenan. 1985. 'Deixis.' In: Language typology and
syntactic description, ed. by T. Shopen, vol. 3, 259-308. Cambridge:
Cambridge UP.

Wiesemann, U. (ed.) 1986. Pronominal systems. Tübingen: Narr.


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