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at least an Italian dialect knows pronominal forms of the type 'luqqui,
lelli' (with stress on -i), 'lussu,lessu' (stress on -u), lit. "he-here,
she-here" and, respectively, "he-overthere, she-overthere". Cp. Stefania
Giannini,Discourse and pragmatic conditions of grammaticalization. Spatial
deixis and locative configurations in the personal pronoun system of some
Italian dialectal areas. In: A.Giacalone Ramt & P.J.Hopper (eds.), The
limits of grammaticalization. Benjamins 1998: 129-144.

Best, Paolo
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Da: Frans Plank <Frans.Plank at UNI-KONSTANZ.DE>
Data: venerdì 17 settembre 1999 20.16
Oggetto: personal space

>Dear ALT folks-
>Last month at ALT III I presented a paper on referential morphology in
>signed and spoken language.  In the talk I disucssed the central role that
>marking for spatial location plays within the pronoun systems of signed
>I would like to tap into the expertise of linguists on this discussion
>list and ask for suggestions of spoken languages to look at (with
>references, if available).  I am interested in any languages that use
>spatial marking (deictics, locatives, demonstratives etc.) within the
>*personal* prounoun system, in association with pronouns, in place of
>pronouns in certain discourse situations, or in other situations of
>If you were one of the individuals who offered comments / suggestions
>during the discussion following my talk, I'd appreciate hearing from you
>as well, as I've been unable to recall accurately some of the comments.
>Please respond to me directly (email below).
>Thank you very much,
>Susan McBurney
>Department of Linguistics
>University of Washington
>Seattle, Washington
>mcburney at u.washington.edu

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