Hartmut Haberland hartmut at RUC.DK
Wed Sep 22 08:59:31 UTC 1999

Sorry for pointing out the obvious, but what about French _celui-ci_,
_celui-là_, _ceux-ci_, _ceux-là_ etc.?

(Although not strictly 3rd person pronouns, what about English
this/that, Icelandic sá/thessur?)

Danish has a curious "3rd person pronoun", _ham der_ (male), _hende der_
(female), _den der_ (common gender, inanimate) and _det der_ (neuter,
inanimate). 'der' is really the weakened (enclitic) form of the distal
demonstrativce. _der_ should commutate with the proximal demonstrative
_her_, which it does; but for some strange reason _ham her_ and _hende
her_ are much less common than the forms with _der_.

Hartmut Haberland

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