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Johan van der Auwera auwera at UIA.UA.AC.BE
Wed Sep 22 19:19:42 UTC 1999

Professors R.M.W. Dixon and Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald will be relocating
their Research Centre for Linguistic Typology from the Australian
University in Canberra to La Trobe University in Melbourne as from

We welcome enquiries concerning doing a PhD or applying for a
Fellowship with us.

Our PhD students all undertake fieldwork on an undescribed (or scarcely
described) language and produce a comprehensive grammatical description
it, paying special attention to aspects of the grammar that are of
particular theoretical relevance. Our main fields of research are the
Papuan languages of New Guinea, languages from Amazonia and the
languages of Australia but we are also interested in students wishing to

undertake fieldwork in other parts of the world.

We expect to have a number of Postdoctoral Fellowship positions becoming

available over the next year and welcome expressions of advanced
Note that applicants for our Postdoctoral fellowships are expected to
written a doctoral dissertation on a previously undescribed language, as

indicated in the last paragraph.
The research projects we sponsor include: describing endangered
studying languages in contact and investigating types of and conditions
linguistic diffusion.

Address enquiries to Sasha.Aikhenvald at anu.edu.au

Professor Alexandra Aikhenvald
Associate Director
Research Centre for Linguistic Typology ANU
Old Admin Area F block
Canberra  ACT Australia 0200

fax: 61-(02)-62490332
phone: 61-(2)-62492256 (w) 62497927 (h)

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