Beware the virus in your box !

Alex Francois francois at VJF.CNRS.FR
Thu Oct 11 16:21:58 UTC 2001

Hello everybody,

As a member of the list, I have just received a virus email from the address of "Silvia Kouwenberg".   I guess you all have received it also.
The text of the email is not consistent, although one can figure out it talks about Summer Course in Linguistics (I guess LSA). 
Attached files are "LSA Report" + an executable file called "CFGWIZ32.EXE".

This is exactly the way I heard one of the last destroying viruses expands itself (by copying a part of a Word-file on the message + sending itself with the executable virus), although I don't remember which virus exactly.

 Do NOT click on these files! It is most certainly a virus. Just Delete the message.

Of course I am not accusing Silvia Kouwenberg herself, who must have been contaminated ; but this message is to warn other subscribers to the list, who may not be used to this danger.

Hope this message is of some use, and sorry for the disturbance.


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