Beware the virus in your box !

Oesten Dahl oesten at LING.SU.SE
Fri Oct 12 07:51:20 UTC 2001

Just to confirm the message from Alex Francois, my newly installed Norton
AntiVirus program told me that the attached EXE-file contained the virus
described below.
- Ă–sten

W32.Magistr.24876 at mm is a virus that has email worm capability. It is also
network aware. It infects Windows Portable Executable (PE) files, with the
exception of .dll system files, and sends email messages to addresses that
it gathers from the Outlook/Outlook Express mail folders (.dbx, .mbx), the
sent items file from Netscape, and Windows address books (.wab), which are
used by mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook
Express,. The email message may have up to two attachments, and it has a
randomly generated subject line and message body.

NOTE: In many cases this virus will "touch" files and send them out as email
attachments. Such files do not contain viral code and should be considered
clean. In such cases it is safe to delete the file and it would be prudent
to inform the sender that their system has been infected by the virus.

Also Known As: I-Worm.Magistr, PE_MAGISTR.A, W32.Magistr at mm,, W32/Disemboweler, W32.Magistr.corrupt, W32/Magistr-A

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