Beware the virus in your box !

Silvia Kouwenberg silvia at UWIMONA.EDU.JM
Tue Oct 16 03:27:09 UTC 2001

I guess everybody knows by now. Sorry about all this, please do make sure
you delete that infamous message & attachments.

	Silvia Kouwenberg

On Fri, 12 Oct 2001, Oesten Dahl wrote:

> Just to confirm the message from Alex Francois, my newly installed Norton
> AntiVirus program told me that the attached EXE-file contained the virus
> described below.
> - Östen
> ----------------
> W32.Magistr.24876 at mm is a virus that has email worm capability. It is also
> network aware. It infects Windows Portable Executable (PE) files, with the
> exception of .dll system files, and sends email messages to addresses that
> it gathers from the Outlook/Outlook Express mail folders (.dbx, .mbx), the
> sent items file from Netscape, and Windows address books (.wab), which are
> used by mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook
> Express,. The email message may have up to two attachments, and it has a
> randomly generated subject line and message body.
> NOTE: In many cases this virus will "touch" files and send them out as email
> attachments. Such files do not contain viral code and should be considered
> clean. In such cases it is safe to delete the file and it would be prudent
> to inform the sender that their system has been infected by the virus.
> Also Known As: I-Worm.Magistr, PE_MAGISTR.A, W32.Magistr at mm,
>, W32/Disemboweler, W32.Magistr.corrupt, W32/Magistr-A

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