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Quoting nbvint at NESSIE.MCC.AC.UK:

For a similar category in one of the languages I have been working on, I have
been using the term 'do again', to distinguish the category from iterative and
verbal plurality.

Zygmunt Frajzyngier

> I'm posting this query on behalf of my colleague Mair Parry at the
> University of Bristol and I'd be grateful if any replies could be
> copied to her (m.m.parry at since she is not a member of
> this list. The query arose because in a paper she gave at the recent
> Historical Linguistics conference in Copenhagen she referred to
> constructions which convey the meaning 'do something and do it again'
> as  iterative. The point was made in discussion that iteratives
> typically allow for several repetitions of an action, and thus the
> question arose as to what is the appropriate term (if any) for a
> construction which refers to an action being done and then repeated
> on one occasion only. Any terminological suggestions or references to
> discussion of this issue in the literature would be welcome. Thank
> you.
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