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Frans Plank Frans.Plank at UNI-KONSTANZ.DE
Thu Aug 28 09:58:57 UTC 2003

Dear fellow typologists,

if you have a few minutes to spare before setting out for Cagliari, could
you help me to ascertain how external users can browse through THE

First, go to


If nothing comes up, do let me know too.

If successful, click on "The Universals Archive" down the page, and up
comes (or ought to)


Then click on "browse", and you ought to get


Don't ask me why the list isn't properly ordered, and in particular doesn't
begin with No. 1.  At any rate, it's very cumbersome to browse your way
through the 2000 plus entries of the archive ten by ten, and always to
begin at the beginning (that is, at No. 3).

In fact, you ought to be able to determine for yourselves how many items
you can see at a time.  First, click on "Next set of files" at the bottom
of the page;  up comes


Second, simply change the relevant part of the URL in the Location line on
top accordingly -- say, to "max=50&" if you prefer a 50 by 50 pace:


and just click, without going to "Next set of files" at the bottom.

Do you get "Files 11 to 60" then???  If so, you can then continue to browse
the next set (of 50) of the files.

Now, if you've browsed through the first 1000 archive entries yesterday,
and now are keen on Nos. 1001 ff., you don't really go through the first
1000 again.  Instead change the relevant part of the URL on top to


and click and you ought to see "Files 1001 to 1050 of 2034 files found".

Does this work on your screen too???

Further optimization is in progress.

Frans Plank

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