Calls: Workshop on Passive (20th Scandinavian Conference of Linguistics)

Matti Miestamo matmies at LING.HELSINKI.FI
Mon Jun 2 13:08:58 UTC 2003

Dear Linguists,

I'm posting the following call for papers on behalf of Larisa Leisiƶ.
The workshop will be included in the programme of the 20th Scandinavian
Conference of Linguistics (Helsinki 7-9 January 2004). Please note that
abstracts (and questions concerning the workshop) should be sent
directly to Larisa <larisa.leisio at>.

See <> for the general
call for papers of the conference.

Best Wishes,
Matti Miestamo


20th Scandinavian Conference of Linguistics
Helsinki 7-9 January 2004

The workshop will concentrate on such questions as:
- Passive: a syntactic structure, a verb form, or a semantic meaning?
- The use of passive in conversation
- Language universal and language specific features of passive
- Passive and other categories (modality, aspect)
- Passive and related constructions in a particular language group
- Passive in language contacts: transferability of passive

Please send your abstract (maximally 400 words in plain text format) in
the body of an email message to <larisa.leisio at> not later than

Larisa Leisiƶ, PhD, co-ordinator

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