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Call for papers

The Research Unit for Variation and Change in English at the Department
of English, University of Helsinki, organizes


Symposium on diachrony, dialectology and typological linguistics
Helsinki, 16-18 October, 2003

Contributions are invited to a symposium on diachrony, dialectology and
language typology to be held in Helsinki in mid-October 2003. The aim of
the symposium is to explore connections between these three fields of
research, looking for ways in which historical linguists and
dialectologists could learn from insights to be gained from typological
studies, and vice versa.

The symposium is organised by the Research Unit for Variation and Change
in English (VARIENG), a National Centre of Excellence funded by the
Academy of Finland and the University of Helsinki. All contributions to
the symposium need not necessarily focus on questions to do with the
English language, although the organizers will naturally be most
interested in topics connected with the evolution and regional variation
of English.

Invited speakers and their topics:

" Dieter Kastovsky (University of Vienna): Historical morphology from a
typological point of view
" Bernd Kortmann (University of Freiburg): The European dimension of the
new partnership between dialectology and typology
" Anna Siewierska (Lancaster University): On the development of
non-accusative person agreement


The deadline for submission of abstracts (in English; max 300 words) is
June 10, 2003. Please submit your abstract by e-mail to
diatype-organizers at helsinki.fi. The abstract should be included in the
body of the message. E-mail submissions are recommended. If, however,
you send your abstract by ordinary mail, please provide an e-mail
address as a contact address.

Participants will be notified of acceptance by June 16, 2003. The
accepted abstracts will be published on the web pages of the symposium at:


The deadline for registration for all participants is September 1, 2003.
Register by e-mail to the address diatype-organizers at helsinki.fi. The
registration fee is EUR 50.


The City of Helsinki Tourist Office web pages provide several links to
accommodation in Helsinki. The pages can be accessed from the symposium
web pages or directly from

The academic programme of the symposium will run from late Thursday
afternoon till Saturday afternoon. The conference venue will be in the
centre of Helsinki in the vicinity of the Senate Square.

For further information, please contact diatype-organizers at helsinki.fi.

The organizing committee:

" Terttu Nevalainen, e-mail: terttu.nevalainen at helsinki.fi
" Juhani Klemola, e-mail: juhani.klemola at uwasa.fi

" Mikko Laitinen (secretary of the symposium), e-mail:
mikko.laitinen at helsinki.fi

Address: Department of English, University of Helsinki, P.O. Box 24
(Unioninkatu 40B), FIN-00014 University of Helsinki, Finland.

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