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First call for papers:

Workshop on the diachrony of morphological case (at ICHL-XVII in Madison,
Wisconsin, 31 July-5 August 2005)

Morphological case has been extensively studied for a wide array of languages
from a synchronic perspective. On the other hand, the study of morphological
case marking from a diachronic perspective has received less attention. The
aim of this workshop is to establish greater awareness of the semantic
development of case and the implications such development has for the syntax
of languages with morphological case marking systems.
Possible research problems may include but need not be limited to the

- Changes in the form-meaning mapping of individual case markers.
- System-wide reanalysis of the form-meaning mapping of case markers.
- Changes to case marking in larger constructions such as comparatives or
argument structure constructions.
- The role of "functional equivalence" or "grammatical synonymy" for
changes in case marking, in particular mergers or loss of case.
- Discourse-based changes in the role and meaning of case markers.
- Pragmatically-based changes in the role and meaning of case markers.

Please send your abstracts of 500 words or less to both Jóhanna Barðdal
(johanna.barddal at and Shobhana Chelliah (shobhana at
Abstracts should be sent no later than 15 November 2004, preferably in pdf-
format. Abstracts dealing with other aspects of the history of morphological
case may also be appropriate for this panel. Please email your queries to
Jóhanna Barðdal or Shobhana Chelliah. A response on abstracts will be sent out
no later than 15 January, 2005.

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