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Johan van der Auwera auwera at CHELLO.BE
Wed Sep 22 13:17:52 UTC 2004

Message from Alexis Dimitriadis & Rick Nouwen for the LTRC:

Dear ALT members,

The Language Typology Resource Center (LTRC) is a thematic network
project funded by the European Community. Its goal is to facilitate
the development of computational tools and resources for linguistic
typology. (See: http://www.lotschool.nl/Research/ltrc)

We hereby announce that the LTRC network is starting an email list for
the discussion and development of metadata standards for typological
resources (especially electronically accessible ones).  ALT members are
invited to participate in the discussion, which is open to all
interested parties, and in particular to typologists who work with
databases or other electronic resources. Your participation is essential
to creating a representative and useful standard.

The LTRC members have determined that of the various resources of
interest to typologists, typological databases (of all kinds) would
benefit from extended, typology-oriented metadata that could aid their
"discovery" by interested researchers. Therefore a process is initiated
to define appropriate metadata for the description of databases,
complementing the more general metadata sets already defined by groups
such as OLAC and IMDI.

The list is also considering a proposal, drafted by Oesten Dahl, on "how
to refer to a language".

For further information about the list and to subscribe, see:


Alexis Dimitriadis
Rick Nouwen
for the LTRC

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