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Dear linguists,

I am working on differential object marking in Gallo-siculo dialects of 
Sicily, that are northern Italian dialects spoken in central-eastern 
Sicily. In all Romance languages, except Rumanian that use "pe", the 
marker for definite objects is the preposition "a" (with the meaning of 
"motion to, recipient")  likewise in Sicilian. But, in Gallosiculo 
dialects I found the prepositions "da", used in Italian with the meaning 
of "motion from" or express passive agent.
Do anyone know a language that has grammaticalized a preposition with 
similar meanings to mark direct object? I found only an example, in 
Shughnu (spoken in Tajikistan), where the marker arises from an original 
ablative particle.

I will appreciate any hint.

Giorgio Iemmolo

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