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Dear Giorgio,
if you also take into consideration the type of O-Split that is based on 
genitives/partitives conceptually (and, in parts, formally) derived from 
ablatives, the number of your examples will increase considerably (too 
many to name them here). The notion 'ablative' is strongly related to 
the conceptualization of meronymy and separation. O-splits using the 
concept of 'separation' (or partition > partitive) are often based on 
pragmatic features, indicating that a referent in in O function is 
accessible/affected only 'in parts', but not in terms of the 'whole'. 
The pragmatic function underlying this split may be derived (with human 
beings) from features of honorifics - with non-animates, the part-whole 
frame of (conceptually) mass/set nouns plays the major role (compare 
French 'de/du' etc.).
Best wishes,

Giorgio Iemmolo schrieb:

> Dear linguists,
> I am working on differential object marking in Gallo-siculo dialects 
> of Sicily, that are northern Italian dialects spoken in 
> central-eastern Sicily. In all Romance languages, except Rumanian that 
> use "pe", the marker for definite objects is the preposition "a" (with 
> the meaning of "motion to, recipient")  likewise in Sicilian. But, in 
> Gallosiculo dialects I found the prepositions "da", used in Italian 
> with the meaning of "motion from" or express passive agent.
> Do anyone know a language that has grammaticalized a preposition with 
> similar meanings to mark direct object? I found only an example, in 
> Shughnu (spoken in Tajikistan), where the marker arises from an 
> original ablative particle.
> I will appreciate any hint.
> Giorgio Iemmolo



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