searching for counterexample

Gideon Goldenberg msgidgol at MSCC.HUJI.AC.IL
Sat Apr 28 21:01:17 UTC 2007

The terms 'topic', 'object' and 'verb' do not belong to the same
level of analysis.

>I post this query for a friend of mine, who does not have the access to
>the service.  Replies can be sent to both of us.     Bingfu Lu   
>searching for counterexample to a conjectured implicational universal of
>argument marking  I guess there is an possible implicational universal of
>word older: If the topic is morphologically marked, then the object must
>be morphologically marked, when both are in the same side of the head
>verb.  If you find any counterexample in any language, please let me know.
>   If correspondence is enough, I will make a summary.     Best!     Jin
>Lixin  Shanghai International Studies University  JinLixin
><<mailto:lixinjin at>lixinjin at>,    

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