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For Yup'ik (an Eskimo) niite-, Jacobson (1984:265) gives the following  
niite-: to hear (often with the implication of understanding or  

Jacobson, Steven A. (1984) Yup'ik Eskimo Dictionary, Alaska Native  
Language Center.

Examples and its derived forms there might be interesting to your  


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On 2010/02/02, at 7:59, Cumberland, Linda A wrote:

> Assiniboine(Dakotan branch of Mississippi Valley Siouan) uses nax'uN  
> 'hear' (where x is a voiceless velar fricative and uN is nasal u].  
> There is a word, ogaxnigha 'understand', but although it is attested  
> by several speakers, in 11 years of working with speakers of the  
> language, I have never heard it used in conversation. The universal  
> choice is nax'uN.
> Linda Cumberland
> Quoting Steve Parker <steve-monica_parker at sil.org>:
>> Neo-Melanesian Pidgin English (Tok Pisin), uses the verb "harim",  
>> from
>> English 'hear', for both 'hear' and 'understand'.
>> Steve

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