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Dear friends and colleagues
please allow me making a perhaps somewhat unusual post. But maybe you 
can help me or give me some advise. I have produced an admittedly 
lengthy paper on the *grammaticalization of antipassives* in terms of 
split aspects systems, dealing mainly with Sumerian, Kartvelian, and 
Proto-Indo-European, but including data from other languages, too. You 
can download the first draft (attention: not yet proof-read by an native 
speaker of English!) from . My problem is that I 
really don't know what to do with this paper. It is too long for 
submission to a journal (79 pages), and too short for producing a 
(slender) monography. Any suggestions (if ever you can imagine that the 
contents are of relevance for our community)? In addition, I would be 
happy to receive critics and other comments all of which would 
undoubtedly help to improve the quality of the analyses.
Many thanks in advance and best wishes,


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