linguistics publication and other fields

Claire Bowern clairebowern at GMAIL.COM
Mon Mar 29 22:55:36 UTC 2010

Has anyone used Google Scholar's citations as part of a tenure or
promotion case? It finds books and book chapters as well as articles
(though presumably it doesn't have the same official status that some
of the other indices have).

Incidentally, to take up another thread of this discussion, peer
review serves as a small discouragement to double-dipping (i.e.
submitting the same work for publication twice in different places). I
can think of a number of book chapters which have appeared unaltered
in several volumes, either as a subsequent chapter in a
single-authored book or as a book chapter after appearing in a
refereed journal. If pages are so scarce and rejection rates so high,
we shouldn't be wasting pages by having the same work appear more than


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