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Dear colleagues:


We would like to announce our


Possession and Ownership
The Tenth International Workshop 
organised by Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald and R. M. W. Dixon
Language and Culture Research Group,  Faculty of Arts, Education and Social Sciences, and the Cairns Institute, James Cook University, Cairns
27 September - 2 October 2010
Auditors are welcome, at no fee (but note that we are unable to arrange accommodation for auditors). A hard copy of the Position Paper can be supplied on request.
Monday, 27 September in building E2, room 113/113a
MORNING SESSION. Chair: R. M. W. Dixon
9.00     Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald (JCU) 'Possession and ownership: a cross-linguistic    perspective'
10.30   Coffee
11.00   Anne Storch (University of Cologne) 'Possession in Jukun (Benue-Congo family)'
12.30   Lunch
AFTERNOON SESSION  Chair: Anne Schwarz
2.00     Felix Ameka (University of Leiden) 'Possession in Likpe (Kwa family)'
3.30     Coffee
4.00     Mark Post (JCU) 'Possession in Galo (Tibeto-Burman)'
5.30     Finish
Tuesday, 28 September in building E2, room 113/113a
9.00     Isabelle Bril (CNRS, Paris) 'Possession and ownership in Nêlêmwa (Oceanic branch of             Austronesian)' 
10.30   Coffee
11.00   Gloria Gravelle (Free University, Amsterdam) 'Possession in Moskona (Papuan region)' 
12.30   Lunch
AFTERNOON SESSION  Chair: Henry Chang                                                                                
2.00     Yongxian Luo (University of Melbourne) 'Possession in Chinese, with notes on Zhuang (Tai       family)'
3.30     Coffee
4.00     Tianqiao (Mike) Lu (JCU) 'Possession in Maonan (Tai-Kadai)' 
5.30     Finish                                                                                                               pto                               
Wednesday 29 September — free day
Thursday 30 September in Library, Room B1.031
MORNING SESSION. Chair: Tianqiao (Mike) Lu
9.00     Lev Michael (University of California, Berkeley) 'Possession in Nanti (Arawak family)' 
10.30   Coffee
11.00   Anne Schwarz (JCU) 'Possession in Buli (Gur family)'
12.30   Lunch
2.00     Rosita Henry (JCU) 'Being and belonging: exchange relations and land ownership in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea'
3.30     Coffee
4.00     Michael Wood (JCU) 'Possessing the wind: Kamula property interests in the new carbon economy'
5.30     Finish
Friday 1 October in building E2, room 113/113a
MORNING SESSION. Chair: R. M. W. Dixon
9.00     Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald (JCU) 'Possession and Ownership in Manambu (Ndu family, Sepik region, Papua New Guinea)'
10.30   Coffee
11.00   Professor Sandra Harding, Vice-Chancellor and President of James Cook University will welcome participants and launch Alexandra Aikhenvald's new book Imperatives and Commands (Oxford University Press).
11.10   Zygmunt Frajzyngier (University of Colorado at Boulder) 'Possession in Wandala (Chadic subgroup of Afro-asiatic)'
12.40   Lunch
AFTERNOON SESSION  Chair: Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald
2.00     Alan Dench (University of Western Australia) 'Possession and ownership in Martuthunira (Australian)'
3.30     Coffee
4.00     Group discussion
5.00     Finish
Saturday 2 October in building E2, room 113/113a                             NOTE: 9.30 start
Chair: Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald
9.30     R. M. W. Dixon (JCU) 'What can we conclude?'                      
11.00   Coffee
11.30   Group discussion and publication plans
1.00     Finish
This information is also available at the following links from JCU website:


If you have any questions, do contact me at Alexandra.Aikhenvald at




Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald, PhD, DLitt, FAHA
Professor and Research Leader (Peoples and Societies of the Tropics)
The Cairns Institute 
James Cook University
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Queensland 4870

mobile 0400 305315
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