Quiry on the development typology of non-canonical/quirky/oblique subjects or subject-like obliques

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Mon Apr 9 13:25:03 UTC 2012

Dear Ilja,

Perhaps you are unaware, but Jóhanna Barddal is organizing a conference on this very topic in June and among the papers accepted there will be plenty non-IE ones. See the link for the full list:  http://subjectcase.wordpress.com/call/accepted-abstracts/


On Apr 9, 2012, at 7:40 , Ilja Serzants wrote:

 Dear colleagues,

I am trying to collect as much as possible data on the evolution (both rise and demise) of non-canonical/quirky/oblique subjects or subject-like obliques for a typological survey. I am just afraid to unwillingly leave out too much out of consideration just by ignorance.

I will be extremely grateful for every reference to (or even a PDF of) a case study from any language/language family (except maybe such well-studied ones as Germanic languages), not least synoptic papers.

With many thanks in advance,


Ilja A. Serzant
PhD Research Fellow
Sydnesplassen 7
Box 7805, 5020 Bergen


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