[Lingtyp] ALT12 at ANU in Canberra

Jean-Christophe Verstraete jean-christophe.verstraete at arts.kuleuven.be
Tue Jun 30 08:53:18 UTC 2015

Here's a message from Nick Evans about ALT12, to be held at ANU in 
Canberra. Mark the dates!


Dear Fellow Typologists

As you all prepare for the upcoming ALT in Albuquerque, we would like 
you to start thinking ahead to ALT12, which will be hosted for the first 
time in the Southern Hemisphere. We are delighted to have been chosen to 
host ALT12 in Canberra, at the Australian National University, also the 
home of the newly-established ARC Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics 
of Language (CoEDL).

To accommodate the different climatic and academic-scheduling calendar 
of the southern hemisphere, ALT12 will be held in December, from 11-15 
December (including associated workshops and language teach-ins on 
Australian, Papuan and Austronesian languages). This will follow the 
annual meeting of the Australian Linguistics Society to be hosted by the 
University of Sydney the week before (4-8/12/2017), which we hope many 
visitors from afar would also be interested in attending.

Please mark these dates in your diaries so those of you from parts of 
the world where it is not so simple to get time off in mid-December can 
plan well ahead so as to make it down to ALT12 for what we promise will 
be a vibrant conference from a region of extraordinary linguistic 
diversity and high levels of interest in typology. More detailed 
announcements about ALT12 will follow in due course.

Nick Evans, Director, CoEDL, ANU

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