[Lingtyp] Call for nominations and applications: ALT officers

Johanna NICHOLS johanna at berkeley.edu
Fri Oct 2 20:32:17 UTC 2015

Nominations and applications are now open for the following ALT officers.
Please send nominations or self-nominations, with a brief statement about
qualifications and interests, to the Nominating Committee at this address:
altofficers at gmail.com    Deadline:  November 10, 2015.   Please make sure
that the subject header and body of your email message identify which
office you are nominating for.  Of course, if you are interested in
committee or officer service generally, or know of someone who would be
good in general, such underspecified nominations are always welcome.

(1) Executive Committee members.  Three new members are needed to replace
outgoing members Kees Hengeveldt, Ritsuko Kikusawa, and Bill McGregor.  The
term of service begins January 2016.  The Executive Committee makes all
decisions relevant to the organization and running of the ALT, including
any changes in policy or statutes.  Members should be well-known scholars
with a good understanding of typology and some relevant experience at
organizational matters (e.g. editorial boards, committees, officerships for
ALT or other societies).

(2)  Editorial Board members.  Three new Associate Editors are needed for
Linguistic Typology.  The term of service begins January 2016.  Associate
Editors oversee the review of manuscripts and make recommendations on
acceptance or non-acceptance (the entire Editorial Board votes and the
Editor makes the final decision).  They also discuss with the Editor policy
matters and other issues bearing on publication.  Qualifications are a good
scholarly record, some experience at reviewing submitted papers, and prompt
and efficient handling of email and other communications.

Concerning (3) and (4):   The position of Secretary-Treasurer is being
split into two positions in order to reduce the workload and accommodate
additional needed functions.  Brief descriptions of the two positions are
below, and a more detailed summary is attached.  Both positions provide
many opportunities for  interaction with members and familiarization with
how a society runs, and are ideal ways to expand your organizational
credentials and develop and implement a vision of what ALT should be.
Since some organizational changes are on the horizon, both officers will
have a good deal of say in setting new policies and procedures.
Qualifications include a good scholarly record, interest in the position,
interpersonal skills, and ability to handle email and other communications
promptly and efficiently.  Nominees can be at any level from very junior to
very senior (but should ideally have a long-term or tenured position).
Both officers will also be ex officio members of the Executive Committee.
Each is estimated to take about half a day per week of work, with
occasional peaks of up to a day per week at busy times.

(3)  Secretary and conference manager.   This officer will act as secretary
to the Executive Committee and President, and will be liaison person with
the Program Committee and organizers.  Work will include issuing calls for
bids to organize the biennial conference, organizing the business meeting,
overseeing some of the work of the Greenberg, Panini, and Gabelentz award
committees and scholarships for travel to meetings, issuing calls and
occasional newsletters, polling members as needed, setting up elections,
more generally acting as secretary to the President and Executive
Committee, and contributing to  institutional memory  by providing
precedencts, formalizing and writing up procedures, etc.

(4) Treasurer and membership manager.  This officer will handle the ALT
finances: organizing the annual bill to the publisher, filing annual tax
forms, following up our bank accounts, organizing payments (to award
winners, etc.), handling membership issues (welcome message to new members,
subscription to ALT's mailing list, handling questions and problems with
invoices, payments, etc., and communicating with the publisher about the
organization of subscriptions and membership.

Balthasar Bickel
Chair, Nominating Committee

Johanna Nichols
President, ALT
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