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Dear linguists,
below you find a brief version of a call. The full version is in the attached .pdf (which hopefully will come over). The eventual (abridged) proposal for SLE 2016 will be prepared in due time after we get feedback from those interested in such a workshop.

With best regards,
Björn Wiemer.

Call for papers
Workshop intended for the annual conference of the Societas Linguistica Europaea (SLE) 2016 in Naples

Björn Wiemer (JGU Mainz)
Jasmina Grković-Major (University of Novi Sad)
Björn Hansen (University of Regensburg)

The rise of complementizers
and their relation to subjunctive mood
and (ir)realis distinctions

The workshop addresses issues of the diachronic development of complementizers against other clause-linkage devices relevant for realis—irrealis distinctions and/or the lowering of assertiveness. The issues fall into two groups. First, we inquire how the distinction between complementizers and subjunctive markers can be compared crosslinguistically more coherently, so that variation on a scale between free and bound morphemes and their relation to the aforementioned distinctions can be correlated with diachronic pathways. This is tantamount to asking whether ‘dependent predicate markersʼ code “at the level of the D[ependent] C[lause] as a whole“ or only „at the level of its nucleus“ (van Lier 2009: 69f.) and what conditions language-specific preferences for one of these coding levels.
Second, we ask for falsifiable methods suited to discern complementizers from other connectives (like clause-initial particles), marking speaker’s stance, quoted speech, de dicto vs. de re-readings and similar distinctions. Thus, while approaching a comparative concept of the notion ‘complementizerʼ, we ask for diagnostic criteria and the theoretical premises that should be applied in historical morphosyntax, semantics and pragmatics, but also in discourse-oriented studies on ongoing or recent change interested in the identification of (potential) complementizers and how clausal complementation emerges from juxtaposition or adverbial subordination. Especially this concerns the rise of complementizers used in contexts of event or propositional modality.

(Full version attached.)
Abstracts (max. 300 words, inclusive of references and examples) should be sent by November, 10th, 2015 to at least one of the following e-mail addresses:

wiemerb at uni-mainz.de<mailto:wiemerb at uni-mainz.de> (Björn Wiemer, U Mainz)
jgrkovicns at gmail.com<mailto:jgrkovicns at gmail.com> (Jasmina Grković-Major, U Novi Sad)
Bjoern.Hansen at sprachlit.uni-regensburg.de<mailto:Bjoern.Hansen at sprachlit.uni-regensburg.de> (Björn Hansen, U Regensburg)

Björn Wiemer
Professor für slavische Sprachwissenschaft
Institut für Slavistik
Jakob-Welder-Weg 18
D- 55128 Mainz
tel. +49/ 6131/ 39 -22186
fax. +49/ 6131/ 39 -24709
wiemerb at uni-mainz.de<mailto:wiemerb at uni-mainz.de>

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