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Hi all,

Interesting that Sebastian and Martin both refer to “grammars” — typically
books, articles, theses, etc that mainly focus on syntax, rather than phonetics,
phonology, semantics, lexicon, and all the other areas of typological variation
across languages. Haralds’s collection is much broader than might be indicated by 
it being described as a “collection of grammars” and includes research and 
publications in many other areas, including historical and comparative linguistics.

…. and copyright status is an issue not only with the “languagestuff” site.


> On Sep 10, 2018, at 6:22 AM, Martin Haspelmath <haspelmath at shh.mpg.de> wrote:
> One specific issue has been partly addressed by ALT:
> On 03.09.18 08:17, Sebastian Nordhoff wrote:
>> From an infrastructural point of view, it is interesting that the field
>> at large relies on one single individual (Harald Hammarström) to a large
>> extent. His collection of grammars is widely shared, he is consulted as
>> a last resort, and an openly available version of his grammar collection
>> is a frequent request.
> ALT has a list of links to freely available grammars:
> http://www.linguistic-typology.org/resources.html
> (It would be good if there were a volunteer who would be willing to keep it up to date.)
> In addition, there's currently a large collection of grammars at the following site (though sometimes with unclear copyright status):
> https://spraakochlunnefaaglar.tumblr.com/languagestuff
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