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------------------------------New Books-------------------------------------
Pustejovsky, James (Brandeis University); THE GENERATIVE LEXICON; cloth:
0-262-16158-3; 298 pp; $35.00.  The MIT Press.
Presents a theory of lexical semantics that addresses multiplicity of
word meanings, or how we are able to give an infinite number of senses
to words with finite means.  This first formally-elaborated theory of
a generative approach to word meaning lays the foundation for an
implemented computational treatment of word meaning that connects
explicity to a compositional semantics.  E-mail:
mitpress-orders at mit.edu.  Available for discussion.
     1-55671-003-8; x, 164 pp.; $25.00. Summer Institute of Linguistics.
     Stress plays an important role in the phonology, morphology, and
     syntax of Mamainde. The author uses the current theories of metrical
     and lexical phonology to analyze this stress system. It is
     demonstrated that a typical application of metrical rules alone will
     not predict stress correctly. Instead, Mamainde must make use of
     multiple strata in order for stress placement to be predicted.
     Internet: academic.books at sil.org
     From Academic Publications Department of the Summer Institute of
     Janice Cooper
     janice.cooper at sil.org
Chappell, Hilary and McGregor, William (eds) THE GRAMMAR OF
PART-WHOLE RELATION.  Mouton de Gruyter 1995 xiii+931pp Empirical
Approaches to Language Typology 14.  DM 398 (cloth) ISBN 3-11-012804-7
Available from Mouton de Gruyter <100444.2655 at compuserve.com>
This volume presents invited research papers on the topic of
inalienability and the personal domain and its grammatical expression
in a variety of unrelated languages from Australia, Oceania, Asia,
North America, Europe and Africa. A descriptive and typological
framework is used to address a range of current theoretical issues in
semantics and syntax, including noun classes, genitives, nominal
apposition and "possessor raising" constructions such as datives, noun
incorporation and "favourite" constructions such as double subject and
double nominative constructions.
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