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Subject: 7.1147, Calls: Computational Semantics 2
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Date:  Tue, 13 Aug 1996 16:12:27 +0200
From:  Harry.Bunt at kub.nl (Harry C. Bunt, ITK)
Subject:  Computational Semantics 2
Date:  Tue, 13 Aug 1996 16:12:27 +0200
From:  Harry.Bunt at kub.nl (Harry C. Bunt, ITK)
Subject:  Computational Semantics 2
           Deadline for paper submission: September 15
        2nd International Workshop on Computational Semantics
                            IWCS - 2
            January 8-10, 1997, Tilburg, The Netherlands
        WWW: http://tkiwww.kub.nl:2080/tki/Docs/IWCS/iwcs.html
Authors are asked to submit an original paper of maximally 12 pages
and maximally 6000 words by September 15, 1996. Email a postscript
version of the paper to:
Computational.Semantics at kub.nl
See the guidelines for paper submission below.
All submitted papers will be refereed by the programme committee.
                     PROGRAMME COMMITTEE
              Mario Borillo        Stanley Peters
              Harry Bunt (chair)   Manfred Pinkal
              Robin Cooper         Steve Pulman
              Jan van Eijck        James Pustejovsky
              Giacomo Ferrari      Allan Ramsay
              Erhard Hinrichs      Uwe Reyle
              Megumi Kameyama      Lenhart Schubert
              Daniel Kayser        Jerry Seligman
              Paul Mc Kevitt       Rohini Srihari
              John McCarthy        Mark Steedman
              Reinhard Muskens     Enric Vallduvi
              John Nerbonne        Wlodek Zadrozny
              Martha Palmer
                    TOPICS OF INTEREST
The workshop will focus on the computational aspects of formal
semantic theories and on theoretical issues involved in the
development of natural language processing systems. Papers are sought
in areas which include, but are not limited to, the following topics:
* underspecified semantic representations: definition and use
* use of context in interpretation
* the semantics - pragmatics interface
* dynamic interpretation in text and dialogue
* incremental interpretation
* language and visual information
* speech acts and interpretation
* information packaging
* computational lexical semantics
* context modelling
* interpretation and inference
                     GENERAL INFORMATION:
      IWCS - 2, 2nd International Workshop on Computational Semantics
            January 8-10, 1997, Tilburg, The Netherlands
The Tilburg Linguistics Department will host the Second Workshop on
Computational Semantics, which will take place in Tilburg, The
Netherlands, from 8 - 10 January 1997. The aim of the workshop is to
bring together researchers involved in all aspects of natural language
computational semantics.
                  *  INVITED SPEAKERS                    *
                  *                                      *
                  *  Jerry Hobbs (SRI, Menlo Park)       *
                  *  Manfred Pinkal (Univ. Saarbruecken) *
                  *  Lenhart Schubert (Rochester Univ.)  *
                     ORGANISING COMMITTEE
              Harry Bunt           Reinhard Muskens
              Leen Kievit          Margriet Verlinden
                     IMPORTANT DATES
Submission of preliminary papers          15 September, 1996
Notification of acceptance                30 October, 1996
Final papers due                          15 November, 1996
Workshop                                  8 - 10 January, 1997
Papers should be submitted by email in Postscript form. Accepted
papers will be published in the proceedings, which will be available
at the time of the conference; we also aim at publishing a selection
of the accepted papers in book form. All papers should contain:
- a list of approximately 5 keywords
- an abstract
- a conclusion section
The title page of each paper should contain the names, addresses,
phone and fax numbers, and email addresses of all authors.
For the production of the proceedings, final versions of accepted
papers will have to be submitted in LaTeX form; it is therefore
advisable to use LaTeX from the start. Please use the following LaTeX
format as the basis for producing the Postscript file:
Please refer to bibliographical items using author names and year of
publication, rather than by numbers, and sort the bibliography
Conference Secretariat:
Anne Adriaensen
Department of Linguistics
Tilburg University
PO Box 90153, 5000 LE Tilburg
The Netherlands
Email: Computational.Semantics at kub.nl
Phone: +31-13 466 30 60
Fax:   +31-13 466 31 10
WWW:   http://tkiwww.kub.nl:2080/tki/Docs/IWCS/iwcs.html
- ----------------------------------------------------
 Harry C. Bunt
 Professor of Linguistics and Computer Science
 ITK, Tilburg University
 P.O. Box 90153
 5000 LE Tilburg, the Netherlands
 Phone: +31 - 13 466.3060 (secretary Anne Andriaensen)
                    2653  (office, room B 310)
 Fax: +31 - 13 466.3110
 Harry.Bunt at kub.nl
 WWW: http://itkwww.kub.nl:2080/itk/Docs/
- ---------------------------------------------------
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